Interview With Peggy Yoder, M.A., LMFT Associate

Should a woman ignore a boyfriend who is ignoring her or are there other ways to handle the situation?

When a boyfriend is ignoring his girlfriend, it’s likely one of two scenarios. The first scenario is that he has withdrawn temporarily to work something out in his head or cope with some frustration in the relationship. In this case, the best thing to do is respectfully give him his space and wait for him to re-engage. The second scenario is that he’s no longer interested in continuing in the relationship and instead of being straight forward and risking that an argument will ensue, he is choosing to ignore the woman hoping that she’ll get the message.

What should a man do when he falls in love with a woman he’s cheating with?

Recognize the factors contributing to the more intense feelings associated with risky behavior – it probably won’t continue to be as hot as he thinks in the long run. Address the root cause for his cheating and fix it with his girlfriend/wife or move on.

What could contribute to a married man falling in love with another woman, and what should his wife do if it happens?

One thing that contributes to married men being vulnerable to falling in love with other women, is when they don’t feel admired and respected at home. There are very easy and straightforward ways for a wife to restore how she conveys admiration and respect to her husband. Example, stop criticizing him, letting him figure things out for himself, appreciating how hard he works, being his biggest fan and encouraging him.

Why do some men refuse to let go of a woman he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with, and what should be done in this situation?

He should assess why he’s refusing to let go – is it for her benefit or his? There may be a reason that he’s choosing to stay for her benefit that is noble and valid. On the other hand, he could be holding on to avoid feeling lonely until he meets someone more desirable. Continue to give the relationship consideration if it’s for her sake. End the relationship if it’s for his sake.

What should a woman do when her husband leaves her because he caught her cheating?

If he’s already gone, it’s time to own and learn from her mistakes, then move on with her life.

How should (or shouldn’t) a woman react when she receives a confession of love from a suitor?

Love is a verb, more than a feeling. She should consider if his actions match his words. Love means he is willing to act (always) in her best interest. If it feels like pressure for her to respond or submit in a way she’s not comfortable – it’s not love.

What are some conversational signs of attraction in men?

Any conversation is a sign that a man is attracted; otherwise he wouldn’t be talking to you.

What advice would you have for a woman who doesn’t know what to talk about with male acquaintances?

Ask the man about himself (work, hobbies, ambitions, etc.)

What does it mean when a man tells a woman he’s thinking of her, and what other signs are there that she’s on his mind?

It means he wants to see her again. Any communication or engagement from a man is a sign that she’s on his mind (text, call, notes, gifts). Also, when he brings her up in conversation with others.

What are some signs that a man is jealous about a woman’s interactions with other men?

He may find some fault or criticism with such men. He may ask questions about such men. He may increase his engagement with the woman. He may become quiet and closed off.

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