No contact with a commitment phobe

• No contact with a commitment phobe means cutting off all communication and interaction.

This is not just some vague suggestion. It’s an absolute necessity! Block them on social media, delete their number from your phone, avoid any places where you might run into them. In short: do whatever it takes to stay away!

• This is necessary to protect oneself from the emotional rollercoaster of being involved with someone who cannot commit.

Let’s face it – dating a commitment-phobe can be like riding a never-ending rollercoaster ride that only goes down. You deserve better than that! Protecting yourself by going no-contact will help you get off the crazy train and find peace in your life.

• It also allows one to focus on their own healing and growth without distractions or setbacks.

When we’re caught up in toxic relationships, our energy gets drained quickly. By disconnecting completely from your commitment-phobic ex-partner, you’ll have more time and space for self-care activities like yoga classes or binge-watching Netflix shows (no judgment here!).

• No contact may include blocking phone numbers, social media accounts, and email addresses.

Don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to keeping this person out of your life. Block every avenue they could use to reach you so there are no “accidental” encounters or messages slipping through the cracks.

• It is important to set clear boundaries and stick to them in order for no contact to be effective.

Boundaries aren’t meant to be crossed; they’re meant as guidelines for how we want others around us treat us. Make sure those lines are drawn clearly before starting no-contact mode because once broken- trust me- there’s nothing stopping him/her anymore!

• Breaking no contact can lead to feelings of confusion, hurt, and disappointment.

It’s natural if curiosity strikes after months of silence but remember why you went NC? If he/she didn’t change then, they aren’t going to change now. Breaking no contact is like opening a wound that’s finally started healing- it’ll only hurt more.

• It may take time for the commitment phobe to realize the consequences of their actions and seek help for their issues.

It doesn’t happen overnight but by staying away from them you’re making sure you don’t get caught up in any drama while he/she figures things out on his/her own (or with professional help).

• In some cases, it may never happen at all.

Not everyone who has commitment-phobia gets over it. If this person isn’t willing or able to work through their issues, then there’s nothing left to do except move forward without them.

• Moving on from a relationship with a commitment phobe requires self-love, patience, and support from friends and family.

As hard as breaking up can be when someone we love won’t commit; remember: your future happiness depends on how well you take care of yourself today! Be patient because Rome wasn’t built in one day – surround yourself with positive people who will uplift & encourage you along the way

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