Commitment phobe wants to be friends

• A commitment phobe who wants to be friends may fear losing the person altogether if they don’t agree to a platonic relationship. It’s like when you’re at a buffet and can’t decide between two dishes, so you end up taking both just in case one disappoints. They might not want to let go of this person completely but also aren’t ready for anything more serious.

• They may also feel guilty for not being able to reciprocate romantic feelings and hope that maintaining friendship will alleviate some of that guilt. Think of it as returning your friend’s sweater after accidentally spilling coffee on it – keeping their friendship could ease the burden of feeling like they’ve wronged them by rejecting their advances.

• It’s possible that the commitment phobe is unsure about their own emotions and needs time to sort them out before committing to anything more than friendship. Commitment-phobes are notorious for overthinking things, so give them space while they work through whatever internal conflict has caused them hesitation.

• Some people with commitment issues find it easier or safer to maintain friendships rather than risk getting hurt in a romantic relationship. This is kind of like going down the kiddie slide instead of tackling the big waterslide – less thrilling but much less chance for injury (or heartbreak).

• The desire for companionship without the pressure of romance can motivate someone with commitment fears to seek a friendship instead. Basically, they want all the benefits of having someone around without any strings attached – think Friends With Benefits minus…well, you know what I mean.

• A commitment phobe wanting to be friends may have had negative experiences in past relationships that make them hesitant to commit. They say once bitten twice shy; maybe this person has been burned before and doesn’t want history repeating itself.

•They might also fear losing their independence or freedom if they enter into a romantic relationship, but still value the person’s friendship.This person values their independence and doesn’t want to feel like they’re losing it by committing to a relationship. Think of them as the lone wolf who enjoys company but also needs time in solitude.

• Sometimes, people with commitment issues want to take things slow and build a foundation of trust before committing further. They say good things come to those who wait – maybe this person wants to build up enough trust through friendship first before taking any risks.

• Wanting to be friends could indicate that the person is not ready for a serious relationship yet but still wants some level of connection with the other person. This is kind of like dipping your toes into cold water instead of jumping right in – testing out what you can handle without fully immersing yourself.

• It’s possible that the commitment phobe sees potential for something more down the line but wants to start as friends first. This is like planting seeds in hopes that they’ll grow into something bigger later on; sometimes all it takes is patience and nurturing!

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