When a commitment phobe blocks you

• The person who blocked you may have commitment issues that stem from fear of intimacy or a desire for independence.

It’s possible that the person who blocked you is dealing with some deep-seated fears about emotional vulnerability. Maybe they’re afraid to let anyone get too close, or perhaps they just really value their alone time and don’t want anything getting in the way of that sweet Netflix binge session.

• Commitment phobes often struggle with making long-term plans and avoid discussing the future of their relationships.

If your ex was always dodging conversations about where things were headed between you two, it’s possible they fall into this category. They might be perfectly content living in the moment without worrying about what comes next – which can be great if you’re also looking for something casual, but not so much if you’ve got your heart set on forever.

• Being blocked by a commitment phobe may be a sign that they are not ready to commit to anything, including communication with you.

Ouch. It sucks when someone cuts off all contact like that (especially if there wasn’t even an epic breakup fight involved). But try not to take it personally – remember: sometimes people block others because THEY need space, not necessarily because YOU did something wrong.

• It’s possible that the commitment phobe felt overwhelmed or suffocated by your attempts at connection and chose to block you as a way of creating distance.

Hey now…there’s such thing as being TOO clingy! If your partner was feeling smothered by constant texts/calls/DMs/etc., then maybe blocking seemed like the only logical solution. Of course, ideally we’d all communicate our needs clearly instead of resorting to ghosting/blocking tactics…but nobody said dating was easy!

• Some people use blocking as a power move in relationships, which can indicate deeper emotional immaturity or insecurity on their part.

Ah yes…the classic “I’m gonna block you and then YOU’LL be sorry!” move. It’s not exactly the most mature way to handle conflict, but unfortunately some folks just don’t know how else to assert themselves in a relationship.

• If someone has repeatedly shown signs of being afraid of commitment, it’s important to respect their boundaries and consider whether this is something you’re willing to tolerate in a relationship.

It can be tough when your partner doesn’t seem as invested in the future of your relationship as you are. But ultimately, if they’ve made it clear that they’re not ready for anything serious or long-term right now, pushing them too hard could end up backfiring on both parties involved.

• Being blocked by a commitment phobe can be hurtful, but it’s important to remember that their behavior is not a reflection of your worth or desirability.

Listen…just because one person wasn’t feeling it doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty more fish (or humans) in the sea! Don’t let one rejection get ya down – keep swiping/dating/meeting new people until you find someone who appreciates all your quirks and awesomeness.

• It’s possible that the commitment phobe may unblock you at some point in the future if they feel ready to re-engage with you on their terms.

Never say never! Maybe someday your ex will have an epiphany about what they really want out of life/love/etc., realize that blocking was kind of extreme, and reach out again. Or maybe pigs will fly…who knows!

• However, it’s also possible that being blocked is a sign that this relationship has run its course and it’s time to move on.

As much as we might wish otherwise sometimes…not every romantic connection is meant to last forever. If being blocked feels like THE END OF THE WORLD™️ right now, take some deep breaths and remind yourself that there are plenty of other people out there who might be an even better match for you.

• While there are many reasons why someone might block another person on social media or messaging apps, when combined with other behaviors consistent with fear of intimacy or avoidance of emotional vulnerability, blocking can be an indicator that the person is struggling with deeper issues related to attachment and relationships.

If your ex was constantly dodging conversations about feelings/commitment/etc. AND blocked you without warning…it’s possible they’re dealing with some serious stuff in terms of their own ability to connect emotionally. It’s not your job to “fix” them (because spoiler alert: nobody can do that but themselves), but it IS important to recognize red flags like this and proceed accordingly.

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