What Questions to Ask a Guy You Just Met

• Ask about his hobbies and interests: What does this guy do for fun? Is he a secret stamp collector or an extreme skydiver? Let’s find out!

• Inquire about his favorite books, movies, or TV shows: Does he get lost in fantasy novels or binge-watch cheesy rom-coms like there’s no tomorrow? Time to uncover his guilty pleasures.

• Find out what kind of music he enjoys listening to: Is he into head-banging rock anthems or smooth jazz that makes you want to snap your fingers like a cool cat?

• Ask about any upcoming travel plans or dream destinations: Wanderlust alert! Discover if this dude has the travel bug and where his adventurous spirit is itching to take him next.

• Inquire about his career or educational background: Is he a rocket scientist by day and aspiring stand-up comedian by night? Let’s see how fascinatingly diverse his professional life is.

• Ask if he has any pets and what their names are: Pets make life better. So tell me, does this fella have a furry friend named Sir Whiskers McFluffington III?

• Find out if he plays any sports or engages in physical activities: Does our new acquaintance dominate on the basketball court with killer crossovers, or maybe prefers yoga sessions while chanting “om”?

• Inquire about his favorite type of food or cuisine: Get ready for some serious drooling as we dig into whether this man loves spicy Mexican dishes that set taste buds on fire, sushi rolls that melt in your mouth, or perhaps both at once!

• Ask if there’s a particular skill/talent he possesses that he’s proud of: Can this guy juggle flaming torches while riding a unicycle blindfolded? Or maybe something slightly less dangerous but equally impressive?

• Find out if he has any siblings and ask where they fall in birth order: Brothers from another mother? Sisters who are polar opposites? Let’s dive into the dynamics of his family tree.

• Inquire about his favorite childhood memory or a memorable experience from his past: Time to bring out those nostalgic vibes as he reminisces about that epic water balloon fight or getting stuck in an elevator with a clown.

• Ask if he has any unique/interesting talents not many people know about: Is there something extraordinary hidden beneath this ordinary exterior, like being able to recite Shakespearean sonnets backward?

• Find out what kind of activities he enjoys doing in his free time: Does he enjoy binging on Netflix marathons, perfecting latte art, or maybe even knitting sweaters for squirrels (because why not)?

• Inquire about his favorite type of outdoor adventure/recreational activity: Will we discover a fearless mountain climber who conquers peaks without breaking a sweat or someone who prefers leisurely strolls through flower-filled meadows?

• Ask if there’s a particular cause/charity he feels passionate about supporting: Is our new friend secretly fighting crime at night dressed as Captain Planet or simply lending support to organizations close to their heart?

• Find out if he has any specific goals/aspirations for the future, whether personal/professional: Time to uncover whether this guy dreams of becoming CEO of a Fortune 500 company or owning the world’s largest collection of rubber ducks!

• Inquire about his preferred method of relaxation and how he likes to unwind after a long day: Does meditation transport him to Zen-like tranquility, or is it more along the lines of binge-eating ice cream while watching reality TV shows?

• Ask if there are any skills/hobbies he would like to learn in the future: Perhaps our newfound buddy wants to master salsa dancing so smooth that Fred Astaire himself would be jealous. Or maybe they dream big and aim for intergalactic travel!

• Find out what qualities/traits he values most in friendships and relationships: Is loyalty his number one priority, or does he value a sense of humor that can make milk shoot out your nose? Let’s find out what makes him tick!

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