“I Was Love Bombed Then Dumped”

• Love bombing is like being hit with a barrage of compliments, attention, and affection that makes you feel like the star of your own rom-com. It’s intense, overwhelming, and can sweep you off your feet faster than a tornado in Kansas.

• When someone love bombs you, they’re basically playing emotional Jenga. They strategically build up this tower of adoration to manipulate and control you. But remember, it’s all smoke and mirrors!

• If you’ve been love bombed and then dumped by someone who seemed so into you one minute but disappeared the next… well, honey, welcome to their twisted game! You were just another pawn on their chessboard.

• Don’t beat yourself up over being duped by a master manipulator. Being love bombed can make even the smartest folks fall for their tricks – it’s like getting caught in an emotional trap set by Houdini himself!

• Take some time to heal those heartache wounds caused by the roller coaster ride from cloud nine straight down to rock bottom. Surround yourself with friends who will bring ice cream or wine (or both) while giving them major side-eye for pulling such a stunt on you.

• While licking your wounds from this toxic relationship experience, take a moment to reflect on any red flags waving frantically before your eyes during that whirlwind romance. Those warning signs were there for a reason – don’t ignore ’em next time!

• Now that you know what love bombing looks like firsthand (and boy was it explosive!), use this knowledge as armor against future manipulators lurking out there in the dating jungle.

• Remember: when someone pulls the rug out from under your feet after showering you with excessive affection, it says more about them than it does about how fabulous or lovable YOU are! Shake off that dirt they left behind because darling; diamonds shouldn’t be treated like cubic zirconia!

• Cut ties with these con artists, pronto! Block their number, unfollow them on social media – do whatever it takes to protect yourself from further emotional whiplash. You deserve better than a roller coaster with no safety harness!

• Take some time for self-care and indulge in activities that make you feel like the fierce queen (or king) that you are. Whether it’s binge-watching your favorite show or dancing like nobody’s watching, focus on rediscovering what makes YOU happy.

• If the love bomb explosion left you feeling shattered and struggling to pick up the pieces of your heart, seeking therapy or counseling can be an excellent way to navigate through this emotional minefield. It’s like having a guide who speaks fluent “love bomber” – they’ll help put things into perspective.

• Surround yourself with friends who will remind you just how incredible and deserving of genuine love you truly are. They’ll provide hugs, laughter, maybe even some sassy comebacks for those manipulators if needed!

• Rebuilding your self-esteem after being love bombed is crucial because let’s face it: these manipulators played mind games with your emotions more than any reality TV show ever could! So take charge of rebuilding that confidence brick by fabulous brick.

• Remember not to fall head over heels too quickly in future relationships; keep one foot firmly planted on solid ground while enjoying the journey towards real love at a pace that feels right for YOU.

So chin up, darling! Being love bombed then dumped might sting now but trust me when I say there’s someone out there waiting to give you genuine affection without all the smoke and mirrors. Keep believing in true love – it exists beyond manipulation tactics!

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