INFJ commitment phobes

• INFJs are known for their deep emotional connections and desire for lasting relationships.

INFJs crave meaningful, authentic connections with others. They want to feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves – a team, a family, or even just an intimate partnership. However, this strong desire doesn’t always translate into easy commitment.

• However, some INFJs may struggle with commitment due to fear of being hurt or not living up to expectations.

It’s not that INFJs don’t WANT to commit; it’s more that they’re terrified of the potential consequences if things go wrong. What if they invest all their time and energy into someone who ends up breaking their heart? Or what if they can’t live up to the high standards they set for themselves in a relationship?

• This can manifest as indecisiveness or a tendency to avoid making definitive plans.

When faced with the prospect of committing (whether it be buying concert tickets six months in advance or agreeing to move in together), many INFJs freeze up. They weigh every possible outcome and scenario until analysis paralysis sets in – leaving them unable (or unwilling) to make any concrete decisions.

• It’s important for INFJs to address these fears and work on building trust in themselves and their partners.

As much as we might wish otherwise, there is no such thing as risk-free love. But by taking small steps towards greater intimacy (like sharing personal stories or trying new activities together), INFJs can gradually build confidence both within themselves and within their relationships.

• Therapy or counseling can be helpful in overcoming commitment phobia.

While self-help books have plenty of great advice about how best tackle your inner demons… sometimes you need professional help! A therapist trained specifically in working through issues related attachment styles could offer useful insight into why you might find yourself avoiding long-term commitments.

• Some common strategies include setting realistic expectations, communicating openly with partners, and taking small steps towards greater commitment.

It’s all about baby steps, folks! By setting realistic expectations for yourself and your partner (and communicating those clearly), you can build a foundation of trust that will help ease the fear of committing. And by taking small risks – like scheduling a weekend trip or meeting each other’s families – INFJs can slowly but surely work towards greater intimacy and connection.

• INFJs may also struggle with commitment due to their idealistic nature and high standards for relationships.

INFJs are often described as “hopeless romantics” who believe in true love above all else. This means they have very specific ideas about what makes a relationship fulfilling… which can be both a blessing and curse when it comes to actually finding someone who fits the bill!

• They may fear settling for less than they deserve or not finding a partner who meets their expectations.

When you’re convinced that there is one perfect soulmate out there waiting just for you, it’s hard to settle for anything less! But this kind of thinking can lead to unrealistic expectations (or worse yet, never being able to fully commit because no one measures up).

• This can lead to a cycle of searching for the perfect partner and avoiding committing to anyone who doesn’t meet those standards.

The problem with having such high hopes is that nobody could possibly live up them! So instead of trying again after every failed attempt at perfection, some INFJs might avoid dating altogether until Mr./Ms. Right magically appears on their doorstep.

• INFJs may benefit from examining their beliefs about relationships and challenging any unrealistic expectations.

Nobody said self-reflection was easy… but if we don’t take time examine our own biases and misconceptions around love, how will we ever find lasting happiness? It takes courage (and sometimes therapy) to challenge long-held beliefs about what we need in order feel fulfilled romantically.

• It’s important for INFJs to remember that no relationship is perfect, but healthy communication and effort can help build a strong foundation.

At the end of the day, love is about making an active choice to show up for someone else – flaws and all. And while no relationship will ever be completely smooth sailing, it’s through open dialogue and mutual support that we’re able to weather any storm together.

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