How to save a relationship that’s falling apart

What can be done to save a relationship that’s falling apart? We interviewed experts asking them this question, below are their answers.

Lyndsey Murray, MS, LPC, CST:

If it feels like a relationship is falling apart, it is worth examining a few things: 1) Communication, 2) Expectations, 3) Values, morals, and life goals. If any of those don’t match between you and your partner, they need to be addressed and understood. When these are examined, it could either mean that the relationship grows stronger and more connected, but it could also mean that one or both partners realize this is not the right relationship for them. In talking about these things and being vulnerable, you risk the relationship ending and this is usually why people don’t want to go down the hard path of talking about the “hard stuff.” Remember that relationships are about compatibility and being true to yourself whether you are single or in a committed relationship.

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