“I Think My Boyfriend Is Poly”

• It’s important to have an open and honest conversation with your boyfriend about your concerns because communication is the key ingredient in any relationship, just like avocado is the essential topping on a delicious taco!

• Pay attention to his behavior and actions, as they may provide clues about his interest in polyamory. Like a detective searching for hidden treasure, observe if he flirts or shows interest in others while still being committed to you.

• Consider discussing the topic of non-monogamy in general, without directly accusing him of being polyamorous. You can casually bring up articles or movies that touch upon different relationship dynamics like “Friends With Benefits” or “Sex Education.”

• Reflect on whether you are comfortable with the idea of a polyamorous relationship before approaching the subject further. Take some time to delve into your own feelings and desires; it’s like trying on different flavors of ice cream before deciding which one makes your taste buds tingle.

• Seek support from friends or online communities who understand and can offer advice on navigating relationships involving multiple partners. Find fellow adventurers who have trekked through this jungle called polyamory—they’ll share their wisdom like experienced tour guides.

• Look for signs of your boyfriend expressing interest in or discussing non-monogamous relationships. If he starts dropping hints about how love should be limitless and spreadsheets tracking romantic connections, well… it might be time for a chat!

• Consider if he has mentioned having feelings for other people while still being committed to you. Has he ever confessed that his heart beats faster when encountering someone new? That could be an indication that monogamy isn’t his only dance partner.

• Take note if he talks about the importance of emotional connections with multiple partners. Does he emphasize building deep bonds beyond physical attraction? He might see love as an all-you-can-eat buffet where emotions are served alongside entrees!

• Observe if he expresses a desire for more freedom and autonomy in his romantic relationships. Does he yearn for the open road of love, where commitment doesn’t mean closing off other paths? Keep an eye out for signs that monogamy feels like a tight corset to him.

• Pay attention to any instances where he may have expressed dissatisfaction with traditional monogamy. Has he ever mumbled under his breath about societal expectations or rolled his eyes at Hollywood’s portrayal of “happily ever after”? He might be searching for something beyond the conventional script.

• Evaluate how open-minded and accepting your boyfriend is towards alternative relationship structures, such as polyamory. Is he someone who embraces new ideas and challenges norms? If so, it could indicate a willingness to explore different ways of loving.

• Reflect on whether you have noticed him forming close friendships that seem to blur the lines of traditional monogamy. Have you spotted moments when friendship takes on a hint of flirtation or intimacy? These blurred boundaries can offer insight into his views on multiple connections.

• Consider if there are patterns of behavior indicating a preference for maintaining multiple intimate connections simultaneously. Does he juggle commitments effortlessly, like a skilled circus performer spinning plates without dropping one? It could suggest an inclination toward polyamorous dynamics!

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