What Is a Mermaid in Polyamory

• A mermaid in polyamory is like a mythical creature who swims through the vast ocean of relationships, being attracted to both men and non-binary individuals. It’s like having a hankering for some salty sea captains and enchanting gender rebels all at once!

• Imagine this: you’re sitting around with your polyamorous pals, sipping on margaritas, when someone mentions that they identify as a mermaid. No, not an actual half-fish-half-human creature (although that would be pretty cool), but someone who loves diving into romantic waters with guys and non-binary cuties.

• So here’s the deal: being a mermaid in polyamory means you’ve got one foot in each boat – or should we say fin? You find yourself irresistibly drawn towards multiple genders without restricting yourself to just one type of partner.

• Being labeled as a mermaid within the world of polyamory allows you to embrace your attraction fluidity. Your heart doesn’t discriminate based on gender; it just wants to frolic freely amidst diverse connections!

• Now keep in mind, calling oneself a mermaid isn’t exactly mainstream terminology within the poly community. It’s more like an inside joke among folks who love sprinkling their conversations with whimsy and humor.

• The beauty of identifying as a mermaid is that there are no strict rules or expectations attached to it. Each individual gets to define what being a mermaid means for them personally – whether it’s about prioritizing certain types of partners while staying open-minded or simply embracing their own unique way of swimming through love’s deep blue sea.

• Picture this: you’re at PolyCon 2022 (yes, apparently that exists) wearing your “Mermaids Unite!” t-shirt proudly. People might raise eyebrows or give confused looks because they haven’t heard the term before – but hey, breaking boundaries often comes with puzzled expressions!

• If you’re a mermaid in polyamory, it could mean that your heart flutters for men and non-binary folks more than other genders. You appreciate the diversity of attractions without getting tangled up in traditional binary dynamics.

• Being a mermaid is all about celebrating those diverse gender experiences and attractions while navigating the choppy waters of love with grace and finesse. It’s like doing an underwater ballet routine with multiple partners – talk about being flexible!

• Remember, at the end of the day, being a mermaid (in polyamory or anywhere else) is just another way to express your desires and preferences within relationships. So dive deep into self-discovery, embrace your inner mythical creature, and let your love shine through every splash!

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