When he takes you for granted

The most amazing thing about being in a relationship is having someone who would care for you so dearly no matter what happens. It is a very heart-warming feeling that you have someone who would tell you how amazing you are despite having a very bad day. On the contrary, this is not what happens all the time. Sometimes, he isn’t that thoughtful that you feel worthless. Being taken for granted gives you the most annoying feeling of being in a relationship.

What if you’re starting to feel that the care you expect from that someone is fading away? When he takes you for granted, what should you do?

1. Assess your relationship

When the spark between you starts to fade away, it is not advisable to jump into conclusion and make hasty decisions. It will be helpful to take your time and honestly assess the relationship. Ask yourself these questions: When did you start feeling that he’s taking you for granted? What have you done that could have led to these? Are you expecting too much from him? What exactly do you want him to do? Pondering on these questions and keeping an open mind can be very helpful in making appropriate decisions. This step, can save you from a heartache.

2. Talk about it

It is an important reminder that talking is different from nagging. A good and open communication is a strong foundation of a healthy relationship. Be open for whatever he has to say and be honest in your emotions. Avoid raising your voice. Tell him what you feel about his actions. Remember, you are not interrogating your partner. Hence, you should also answer to his question if there is any. Talk about what you would do about your relationship. Would you like a resolution or a closure?

3. Decide

After evaluating the relationship and talking about it, have the courage to decide. Is the relationship worth saving? If the answer is no, cry about it for a night or two and start to move on. It surely is easier said than done but you always deserve someone better.

4. Show him your worth

There’s this cliché that says the best form of revenge is to be beautiful. Indeed, nothing can make him feel his loss more than seeing how valuable is the person that he took for granted. Pamper yourself, do what you want to do, travel the world, enjoy your life for you deserve it. Show him that you are far better off without him. Go out with friends and families and show him that you have people who value you.

5. Date again

Failing in a relationship does not mark the end of the world. Hence, collect yourself and when you’re ready, never be afraid to date again! Surely, there is someone out there who will see your worth.

Remember, you are amazing. You are beautiful. You deserve only the best. Thus, don’t just let him take you for granted. If the relationship is worth saving, then do what you can to save it. Otherwise, let go and be happy!


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