“My boyfriend is too busy for me”

• What should a woman do when her boyfriend is always too busy for her?

Lyndsey Murray, MS, LPC, CST:

Every person feels differently about what constitutes being “too busy,” and I would gauge how your boyfriend feels about this. I would also examine what emotions are coming up for you – is it sadness, abandonment, frustration, or even jealousy when he is too busy for you? And are those emotions justifiable? Emotions are valid but not always logical and it’s worth exploring that for yourself. In doing so, you may either become okay with the time spent apart and learn to accept this as part of your relationship, or you may decide that there is an incompatibility between the two of you regarding how much quality time you should be spending together. If this is an incompatibility, your boyfriend can make choices to spend more time with you or you can decide what you’d like to do if he doesn’t make that choice.

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