Living with a narcissist when leaving is not an option

• It’s important to establish boundaries and stick to them when living with a narcissist. You can’t let the narcissist run your life, so set some ground rules for what you will and won’t tolerate in terms of behavior. And don’t be afraid to enforce those boundaries like a boss.

• Avoid engaging in arguments or trying to reason with the narcissist, as this will likely only escalate the situation. Let’s face it – arguing with a narcissist is like playing chess with a pigeon; they knock over all the pieces, crap on the board, then strut around like they’ve won. So save yourself some time and energy by not even trying.

• Seek support from friends, family members, or a therapist who can help you navigate your relationship with the narcissist. Having someone else on your team can make all the difference when dealing with a difficult person. Plus therapy gives you an excuse to talk about yourself for an hour without feeling guilty!

• Keep a record of any abusive behavior that occurs so that you have evidence if needed in the future. If things get really bad (and let’s be honest – they probably will), having proof of how awful their behavior has been could come in handy down the line.

• Practice self-care by taking time for yourself and engaging in activities that bring you joy and relaxation. Whether it’s yoga, painting miniature figurines or binge-watching Bridgerton again (no judgment here!), making time for things that make YOU happy is crucial.

• Consider creating an exit plan for when leaving becomes an option, including saving money and finding alternative housing options. Even if leaving isn’t possible right now doesn’t mean it never will be! Start planning ahead so that when opportunity strikes you’ll be ready.

• Remember that it is not your fault that the narcissist behaves abusively towards you. They’re just being themselves – which happens to involve treating people horribly sometimes…ok, most of the time. Don’t let them make you feel like YOU’RE the problem.

• It’s important to prioritize your safety when living with a narcissist and seek help if you feel threatened or unsafe. Your well-being should always come first – even if it means calling in reinforcements (or Ghostbusters).

• Be aware of the tactics that narcissists use, such as gaslighting and manipulation, so that you can recognize them when they occur. Knowing is half the battle! And once you’re able to spot their BS from a mile away, it’ll be much easier to deal with.

• Try to maintain a sense of perspective by reminding yourself that the narcissist’s behavior is not normal or acceptable. Just because they act like this all the time doesn’t mean it’s OKAY for them to do so. Keep telling yourself that until it sinks in!

• If possible, limit contact with the narcissist by spending time outside of the home or finding activities to occupy your time. Sometimes absence really does make the heart grow fonder…of being left alone!

• Seek legal advice if necessary in order to protect yourself and any children involved in the situation. The law may be on your side – but only if you know how to use it! So don’t hesitate to consult an expert if things get hairy.

• Remember that it may take time for things to change and improve in your relationship with the narcissist. But hey – Rome wasn’t built in a day either! So keep chipping away at those walls until something gives…preferably NOT YOUR SANITY though 😉

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