Are you aromantic or afraid of commitment?

• Aromantic individuals don’t experience romantic attraction, while those afraid of commitment may still feel it. So if you’re not sure whether you’re aromantic or just scared to commit, ask yourself: do I have crushes on people or am I simply attracted to their personality and looks? If the former is true for you, then maybe it’s time to explore your options.

• Someone who is aromantic might not want to date or be in a relationship at all, whereas someone with commitment fears may desire these things but struggle with the idea of settling down. It’s like wanting a slice of cake but being too afraid to take that first bite because what if it’s terrible? Sometimes taking risks can lead us down paths we never imagined possible.

• A person can have both aromantic and commitment issues, as they are separate experiences that can overlap. In other words, you could be an independent soul who doesn’t need anyone else in their life romantically speaking – yet also fear getting attached because deep down inside there’s this nagging feeling telling them something will go wrong eventually.

• Those who fear commitment may avoid relationships altogether or sabotage them once they start getting serious. It’s like going out on a date with someone only to spend the whole night talking about how much better your ex was – nobody likes that guy/girl!

• An individual struggling with their feelings towards romance and/or commitment should seek therapy to explore and understand themselves better. There ain’t no shame in seeking help from professionals – even Beyoncé has therapists! Therapy can give you tools needed so when love comes knocking again (and trust me it will),  you’ll know exactly how handle whatever situation arises!

• Aromantic individuals may still experience sexual attraction, while commitment-phobic individuals might not have any issues with sex. Just because one isn’t interested in long-term commitments does NOT mean they’re celibate monks/nuns living in solitude.

• Those who are aromantic may feel more comfortable in non-romantic relationships, such as friendships or casual dating situations. It’s like having a favorite pair of jeans that fit perfectly – you’re not ready to give them up just yet!

• People afraid of commitment may find themselves constantly searching for the “perfect” partner and never being able to settle down because they fear missing out on something better. But let’s be real here: there is no perfect person, only someone who accepts us flaws and all.

• An individual experiencing both aromanticism and commitment fears might struggle with feeling like an outsider in society’s expectations around love and relationships. Don’t worry about what others think; it’s your life after all!

• It is important to remember that everyone experiences these feelings differently, so seeking support from a therapist can help someone understand their unique situation. Think of it this way – therapists are like personal trainers but for your mental health! They’ll guide you through exercises (aka coping mechanisms) until you’re strong enough to handle anything thrown at ya!

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