INTP Friend Vs Crush: Understanding the Differences

• They enjoy engaging in deep and intellectual conversations because their curious minds crave the stimulation of complex ideas, theories, and discussions. It’s like a mental playground for them!

• They value their independence and personal space because they need time to retreat into their own thoughts and recharge. Don’t take it personally if they disappear for a while – it’s just how they operate.

• They may seem reserved or aloof at times, but deep down, they genuinely care about their friends’ well-being. Think of them as those mysterious characters in movies who turn out to have hearts of gold.

• Their friendship is based on mutual respect for each other’s ideas and opinions. You can expect thought-provoking debates without anyone getting offended (unless you question their favorite theory).

• They often offer logical advice when asked for help or guidance because rationality is like oxygen to an INTP – they breathe it in deeply before exhaling wisdom that would make Spock proud.

• The INTP becomes more introspective around their crush, analyzing their feelings and thoughts extensively. Imagine Sherlock Holmes trying to solve the mystery of his own heart – that’s the level of investigation we’re talking about here.

• They may become slightly nervous or awkward in the presence of their crush because emotions aren’t exactly easy territory for these masterminds; think Sheldon Cooper meeting someone he actually likes!

• Their focus shifts towards understanding the emotions involved rather than solely relying on logic since matters of the heart require tapping into emotional intelligence instead of pure brainpower alone.

• The INTP might daydream about various scenarios involving them and their crush together – from epic adventures exploring uncharted territories to cozy nights spent discussing quantum physics under starry skies.

• As a friend, the INTP is likely to prioritize intellectual stimulation by suggesting mind-boggling activities like solving puzzles or debating philosophical questions over coffee (or tea if caffeine isn’t your thing).

• With a crush, the INTP’s focus shifts towards emotional connection and understanding their feelings on a deeper level. It’s like they’re upgrading from solving puzzles to deciphering the enigma of human emotions.

• They may feel more vulnerable around their crush compared to when they are just friends because opening up emotionally is as challenging for them as navigating a labyrinth with no map – it takes courage!

• The INTP might go out of their way to spend time with their crush or find excuses to be near them because proximity increases the chances of accidentally stumbling upon moments that make hearts flutter.

• While as friends they enjoy discussing ideas and theories, with a crush they may become more interested in personal experiences and emotions – sharing stories becomes an avenue for forging a deeper connection.

• Their sense of humor may change slightly when interacting with their crush, becoming more lighthearted or playful because laughter has this magical ability to bridge gaps between two souls (and also melt ice).

• When it comes to friendship, the INTP values loyalty and honesty above all else; if you gain their trust, consider yourself part of an exclusive club where secrets are safe but sarcasm flows freely.

• In a romantic context, they might struggle with expressing affection verbally but will show it through actions instead – think love letters written in code or surprising you with thoughtful gifts that leave your heart smiling.

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