Dating a woman with low self-esteem

A woman must know how to love herself first in order to give love to someone. That is one of the basic rules in successful relationship. However, not all women are confident enough either with their looks, their flaws, and many more, which results to low self-esteem. Sadly, these insecurities and low self-confidence directly affects a relationship, it makes them difficult to love but absolutely not impossible. They just require an extra understanding and assurance and they are sure to gain the confidence to make a relationship work.

Understanding is very essential in dating a woman with low self-esteem and these are some of the things that you need to know to help you appreciate them even more:

  1. They do not trust easily – Women with low self-esteem do not give away their trust easily because they do not trust themselves first. They are not confident enough with the way they look and they always feel that something lacks them and that missing piece is already enough for someone to break their trust or cheat on them.

  2. Fear of communication – Effective communication is definitely important to have a healthy and strong relationship. Unfortunately, women with low self-confidence cannot express themselves well. They are afraid that one mistake can ruin an entire relationship so they believe that it is better to stay quiet and just pretend that everything is okay with them even if it is not.

  3. Self-pity – They do not believe that they are beautiful, even if their partner already told them that she is. They do not see their worth and always downgrade them as if always requiring an assurance but even if you already assured them, still do not consider it. Sometimes, they even start an argument about it, which can be emotionally exhausting for their partner.

Here are the ways on how to date a woman with low self-esteem and make them feel that they are worth it.

  • Believe in her – Support and believe her in everything that she does, make her believe in herself too that she can do it. This is the first step of gaining self-confidence. Be her number 1 fan and always assure her that she can do everything and you will always be there to support her.

  • Accept her flaws – Know more about her and accept all her flaws, tell her that she is uniquely beautiful with those and she is worth it no matter what.

  • Listen to her – Give her time to open up her feelings by listening, this is perfect if you want her to gain confidence and express her feelings to you.

  • Compliment her – This is perhaps the most important thing that you can do to boost her confidence, always compliment her no matter how little the changes are.

Appreciation and acceptance are the keys in dating a woman with low self-esteem. It might be difficult at first but once you gained her confidence and trust, know that everything is sure to be worth it. If you truly love her, just be there for her and give her all the love that she deserves and she is sure to realize her worth in no time.

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