“How Well Do You Know Me Questions for Boyfriend”

• What is my favorite color?

– Is it the vibrant red that matches the fiery passion in your eyes, or perhaps the calming blue that mirrors the depth of your soul?

• Do I have any allergies?

– Should you be wary of bringing home a bouquet of roses if they make his nose itch like crazy? Or maybe he’s allergic to commitment and breaks out in hives whenever someone mentions marriage.

• Can you name three of my closest friends?

– Are they as inseparable as peanut butter and jelly, always by each other’s side like Batman and Robin (or more accurately, like Bert and Ernie)?

• What are some of my hobbies or interests?

– Does he spend his free time collecting rare Pokémon cards or mastering the art of juggling flaming torches while riding a unicycle?

• Do I prefer coffee or tea in the morning?

– Is he one with an insatiable craving for a strong cup o’ joe to jumpstart his day, or does he savor every sip from a delicate teacup while pondering life’s mysteries?

• Have I ever traveled outside of the country? If so, where did I go?

– Has he ventured into lands far and wide, exploring ancient ruins in Machu Picchu or indulging in gelato under Italy’s romantic moonlit skies?

• How do I like to spend my weekends?

– Does he transform into a couch potato extraordinaire binge-watching Netflix series until dawn breaks? Or does adventure call him outdoors for thrilling hikes through untamed wilderness?

• Can you recall a memorable childhood experience that I’ve shared with you before?

– Did he regale you with tales of building epic treehouses rivaling Swiss Family Robinson or getting stuck on amusement park rides screaming at octaves only dogs can hear?

• What is my favorite movie?

– Is it an action-packed blockbuster filled with explosions and superheroes, or a heartwarming rom-com that makes him believe in love at first sight?

• Do I have any siblings? If yes, can you name them?

– Are they like peas in a pod, always bickering but fiercely protective of each other when trouble arises?

• Can you remember the date of our anniversary or other important milestones in our relationship?

– Does he have an impeccable memory for dates, surprising you with flowers on anniversaries even before your own calendar reminds you?

• Have I ever mentioned a specific career goal or dream job that I aspire to achieve?

– Is he destined to become the next Elon Musk, launching rockets into space while simultaneously revolutionizing electric cars?

• Do I enjoy cooking? If so, what is one dish that I love to prepare?

– Does his culinary prowess rival Gordon Ramsay’s fiery passion in the kitchen as he whips up gourmet meals fit for royalty (or at least for two hungry souls)?

• Can you recall any pet peeves or things that annoy me?

– Are there certain sounds or habits that drive him absolutely bonkers—like nails on a chalkboard or people who chew gum loudly during movies?

• Have we discussed any future travel plans together? Where would we like to go?

– Has wanderlust taken hold of both your hearts as you dream about exploring exotic destinations hand-in-hand, from tropical beaches to bustling city streets filled with culture and adventure?

• How do I handle stress or difficult situations?

– Is he cool as a cucumber under pressure, tackling challenges head-on with unwavering determination and grace? Or does stress turn him into an adorable ball of chaos desperately seeking comfort food and cuddles?

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