When he pulls away early in the relationship

In relationships, mysterious things tend to happen. One of such mysterious things is him pulling away very early in the relationship. Everything is going great and then he unexpectedly pulls away from you and distants himself from the relationship. You’re sure that he likes you and that you had built a great connection but can’t tell why the relationship suddenly turned downhill.

This is not uncommon in relationships and can be quite frustrating when it occurs. Since your natural response is to find out why he is distant, we have put some of the likely reasons why he suddenly became distant together.

He has found someone else

This is a hard pill to swallow, and you’re probably thinking it should not be first on the list. However, it is important to have a reality check and consider the fact that maybe the relationship wasn’t as great as you thought. Maybe what you remember is an idea of him and not him. He may have found someone else and moved on to a new relationship and didn’t have the guts to tell you.

He is pressured

Even the best relationships come with a bit of pressure, especially relationships where one party overly adores and respects the other. The pressure comes from the fact that he isn’t comfortable with being idolized, and that’s the current situation of the relationship. He will feel the need to live up to a certain standard instead of being himself because of the way he is idolized by his partner

In such situations, he will take a break from the relationship, especially in its early phase, to get away from the pressures.

Things are moving too fast

Sometimes, the reason for his recent and unexpected ghosting behaviour is that things are moving too fast. Even though his likes his partner a lot, he wants to take things slower than they are currently going thus activating the escape mode.

When he feels like things are moving too fast, he begins to be concerned about how the pace of the relationship will affect other aspects of his life. To clear his head and put things in perspective, he then takes the break. The sudden nature of the break being because he felt an immediate need to leave or get choked.

He doesn’t love as much

Yes, there is also the probability that he doesn’t love his partner as much as they do. He will escape from the relationship if he finds out that his partner adores him and is very much in love with him when he is not sure he is even in love with them.

It’s possible to say and do the right things without really being in love with a person and that could be the case for him. He realizes that he really doesn’t love his partner that loves him to the moon and back and decides to leave without summoning the courage to talk to the partner. In this case, one can say he feels that his partner deserves better.

Men leave relationships for several reasons including the ones highlighted above early in the relationship. Sometimes they work out the issues and come back, other times they do not.

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