How to act when he pulls away and comes back

Some of the things men in relationships do are downright unexpected and beyond one’s imagination. You’ve got a great thing going and may have even said goodnight in the cutest way there is a night before, and the next day he pulls away, distancing himself from you and the relationship.

When a man pulls away from a relationship, it is usually one of the most frustrating experiences as you keep wondering what changed. Psychology experts have noted that pulling away is part of the complex of reactions men give to romantic commitments, so his behaviour is somewhat normal.

It has also been proven that when men pull away from relationships, they do so to clear their heads and ensure that they’ve not lost their identity as individuals. Relationships come with personality changes and when men pull away, they are creating the needed space to ensure that their goals and identities have not been changed or obscured by the relationship. This reaction to commitment is typically because men cannot bear situations where they are subdued. The evaluation that occurs during the period they took that break can also make them better persons, according to relationship experts.

It is important to know how to act when he pulls away so that your reaction does not make matters worse.

Be supportive

Although you may not understand it, he is trying to be a better person for you. A lot of the times, he wouldn’t be able to exactly explain his distant nature, and you may have to show your support from a distance. In being supportive, you should also ensure that you give them the needed space.

Get involved in other things

Relationships tend to be time-consuming, and since you will getting some free time during his break, you should look forward to investing that time in some other ventures. If you’ve been trying to find time to embark on some self-development activities, the break is the time you are seeking. Also embark on a bit of self-evaluation to ensure that your heart is in the best place and that you’re loving yourself.

When he comes back

After deciding to go a break without letting you know, he comes back and begins to behave like all is well when you both know all isn’t well. You’re wondering how you should react to his disappearing and appearing act, and we’ve got some pointers to guide you

Talk to him about how the space made you feel

If you felt like the most unloved person in the world during that period, tell him. You should make him understand that no one wants to be ghosted after dealing with the challenge of daily activities in the 21st century.

At this point, you should agree on the future of the relationship. The space would have given you time to constructively consider the state of the relationship. If you no longer want tho continue with the relationship, you should tell him. If you decide to continue, be sure to establish the fact that such ghosting periods are prohibited in the relationship.

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