How long do rebound relationships last on average?

Heartbreaks can be terrible, and since humans have the universal need for love and affection, rebound relationships are some of ways that have been adapted for getting over a relationship. Rebound relationships are simply relationship that begin before one completely heals from a heartbreak whether from a breakup or divorce.

Rebound relationships are especially common amongst persons that were in a long-term relationship and can’t bear to be alone in the time after the breakup. So, they get into the next available relationship to help them get over the heartbreak.

How long do rebound relationships last?

As much as we will love to give a figure, matters of the heart unfold in different ways and such figures do not exist. Rebound relationships can last long if one stays committed to it and finds their new relationship worth the effort.

The short-term rebound relationships are so for obvious reasons. They were started without getting over the last relationship. In such relationships, the rebounder doesn’t gets to connect with their new partner properly because of the ghost of the past relationship.

Since we have established the fact that rebound relationships last for a variable length of time, we will be sharing characteristics of short and long-term rebound relationships.

Short-term rebound relationships

These relationships are intensely passionate and borne out of the need to fill the void created by the last relationship. The rebounder tends to find someone to take away the hurt caused by their ex, and they typically find the new partner very fast.

The relationship then proceeds in an emotionally draining and intense way to try to block out memories of the ex. As much as the rebounder will try to block out memories of their ex, they will unconsciously mention that ex every now and then in anger and compare their new partner to their ex.

When the rebounder gets over the last relationship, they leave the rebound relationship because all they needed the relationship for was to heal.

Long-term rebound relationships

These relationships just like the short-term ones start within a short period of the last breakup without proper healing. However, they differ from the short-term ones in that the rebounder then builds a genuine connection with the reboundee. What started as a rebound relationship then transitions into a proper loving relationship. The proper loving relationship occurring as a result of a commitment to the relationship.

Are rebound relationships bad?

We would say that rebound relationships are not entirely bad. The fact that the reboundee does not know that they are in a rebound relationship is a major con of rebound relationships.

The pros of rebound relationships are in the fact that the rebounder gets to heal faster from the heartbreak. The rebounder also gets a high level of confidence from rebound relationships.

Rebound relationship could be great and not so great. The outcome of a rebound relationship is dependent on the efforts put into the relationship of the rebounder.

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