Leaving a narcissist boss

• Document any incidents of abuse or mistreatment by the narcissist boss.

Write down every time your boss made you feel like a worthless sack of potatoes. You’ll need to have evidence if HR needs convincing.

• Seek support from trusted friends, family members, or a therapist before leaving.

You don’t want to be caught in an emotional whirlwind when quitting day comes around. Reach out for help and surround yourself with people who love you more than coffee (if that’s even possible).

• Create a plan for financial stability and job security before quitting the job.

Don’t leave without having some money saved up and another job lined up – unless you’re cool living off ramen noodles while watching Netflix all day.

• Communicate clearly with HR about reasons for leaving and any issues with the boss.

HR isn’t just there to give you benefits forms; they can also help deal with workplace bullies. Tell them exactly why your boss is making life miserable so they can take action.

• Avoid engaging in arguments or confrontations with the narcissistic boss during resignation process.

As tempting as it may be to tell your boss where he/she/they can stick it, resist! Keep things professional because burning bridges never helped anyone get ahead.

• Consider seeking legal advice if there are concerns about retaliation or harassment after leaving.

If you think your former employer might come after you like Jason Voorhees on Friday 13th, talk to a lawyer first. It’s better safe than sorry!

• Focus on self-care and healing after leaving an abusive work environment.

Treat yo’ self! Get massages, go shopping (within reason), watch cat videos online…whatever helps soothe those post-narcissist-boss blues.

• Keep a record of any positive feedback or achievements to boost self-confidence during the transition

Remembering how awesome we are doesn’t always come naturally – especially when dealing with negative Nellies at work. Keep a record of everything you’ve accomplished so you can remind yourself how awesome you truly are.

• Recognize that leaving a narcissist boss can be emotionally challenging and may require time for recovery.

Leaving an abusive workplace is like breaking up with someone who’s really hot but treats us like garbage: it hurts, but it’s necessary. Give yourself some TLC while recovering from the trauma.

• Be prepared for potential gaslighting, blame-shifting, or other manipulative tactics from the narcissistic boss when resigning.

Your ex-boss might try to make you feel crazy or guilty about quitting – don’t fall for their Jedi mind tricks! Stay strong and remember why you’re leaving in the first place.

• Consider discussing concerns with colleagues who have also experienced mistreatment by the same boss before leaving.

Misery loves company, right? Talk to coworkers who understand what you’re going through; they might even offer helpful advice on how to deal with your nightmare of a boss!

• Research job opportunities and network with professionals in your field to find new employment options after quitting.

Don’t just sit around waiting for jobs to come knocking at your door (unless they actually do). Get out there and start networking so people know how amazing you are!

• Remember that it is not uncommon for individuals to experience trauma bonding or attachment issues after working under a narcissistic boss.

It’s normal if we still miss our ex-boss sometimes – even though he/she/they treated us horribly. It doesn’t mean we should go back…it means we need more cat videos.

• Seek out support groups or online communities dedicated to helping survivors of workplace abuse.

You’re not alone! There are plenty of others dealing with bosses straight outta hell too. Join groups where people share tips on surviving toxic workplaces without losing sanity points.

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