Why do guys stop texting for a few days?

You meet a guy, connect with him, go on a few dates, probably, and begin to text each other constantly. You tell each other about your days and even make jokes out of certain things that happen during the day. Then you text him and he doesn’t reply. In the time you’ve known him, you have established an average length of time it takes for him to answer your text. That length of time passes, and you still do not get your reply. Then you begin to wonder, “why hasn’t he replied my text?” Whether the relationship is a light or serious one, your worries are valid. Something bad may have happened to him, and your concern is naturally.

Then it is over 48 hours, and sincerely very bothered. “What happened to him?”, Was it something I did?” and similar thoughts begin to flood your head. You’re wondering why he hasn’t replied your text and are checking your past messages to examine the flow of your chats.

Although he may have genuine reasons for not replying your text, we bring you some of the top reasons why guys do not reply texts after a few days.

He is busy

He is probably busy, and you shouldn’t work yourself up. So, instead of playing scenarios continuously in your head, just concentrate on something else till he replies your text. It should be noted that, after 48 hours, there may be more to the situation than the fact that he is busy.

He isn’t the person you thought you knew

Chances are you met him a few weeks ago and everything has been magical since then, until he went AWOL on you. He probably isn’t the person you know and has gone to continue his other life. He may be in some other romantic relationship or even married. The fact remains that anyone who you met and bonded with to the extent of texting them regularly wouldn’t just stop answering your messages.

He is no longer interested in you

This is a hard pill to swallow and you should take it easy on yourself. There is the likelihood that he no longer likes you and decided that staying away and severing any form of contact with you will keep you away.

There are guys that resort to this means of severing ties with persons in their lives, and you have to consider the fact that he may be one of such guys.

The reasons for guys not replying texts are always not good, and it’s important to be committed to taking care of oneself during this period. The lack of closure can do a lot of damage to your health and mind if you let it. Here are some tips to stay in the best form throughout the initail period when it hurts

  • Don’t stalk him on social media
  • Don’t double or triple text him
  • Accept the fact that he is gone
  • Love yourself

There are good guys, and there bad guys. Only the bad ones do not reply texts without a genuine reason. The next person you will bind that much with will be a good one.

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