My Relationship is stressing me out!

Relationships supposedly give you inspiration, keeps you motivated, and most of all, happiness. After all, this is one of the reasons you get into it right? It is actually for majority of couples but not at all times. There will come a time or stage in your relationship where you would experience problems and stress, it is inevitable. If you experience this, it does not mean that you have to end it right then and there because if you really love your partner, you would do anything to make your relationship work and sometimes the solution to your problem is very easy, you just need to determine what is causing it to know the most appropriate solution.

How will you know that you are in a stressful relationship?

  • You prefer to share your problems and ask advice from other people rather than your partner because telling him or her will just make your feelings worst.

  • Your partner decides for you.

  • Lack of moral support.

  • You cannot tell your partner what you do not like about his or her attitude because you are afraid that it might upset him or her.

  • You feel like one simple mistake can end your relationship. In short, no sense of security.

  • You prefer going out with friends rather than spending time with your partner because they are more fun to be with.

Those are just some of the signs that show your relationship stresses you out, there are totally a lot more. These issues can easily be resolved by:

  • Communication – This is perhaps on of the most important thing to have a successful relationship. You need to have the courage to communicate with your partner whatever it is that you need to discuss. You need to make sure that you explain it properly and ensure your partner that you are saying it for his or her own good and you only want what is the best for your relationship.

  • Listen – You should not always be the one to talk, you should also learn to listen. If you are done with what you are saying, make sure to listen to your partner as well in order for the both of you to come up with the best solution to what is causing the stress in your relationship. Listen to your partner at all times and make sure that you are comprehending what he or she is saying and pay attention to it.

  • Bonding time – It is great to feel that you are happier with your partner rather than spending time with your friends. To achieve this, you need to make your bond stronger by doing things that you love together, try your partner’s hobby maybe you would like it too, and many more.

  • Be you – It is essential to be yourself, do not change yourself just to impress your partner, let him or her see the real you because then you are sure to see if your partner accepts the whole you to prevent attitude problems later on.

Whatever causing the stress in your relationship, it is important that you practice these tips in order to de-stress your relationship and make it work. Try to reflect on what is causing the problem, determine the things that you did that resolved the issue or just made it worst and try not to do it again. Convince your partner that it is okay to tell whatever he or she wants to tell and assure that whatever it is, both of you will work it out and love will always prevail.

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