When a man treats you badly

Sometimes, relationships become more stressful than beautiful. You fall in love with someone, decide to start dating them and everything proceeds beautifully before you start noticing signs that make you uncomfortable. You’re not sure what the problem is but are not entirely comfortable with the relationship. You’re sure that it is not physical abuse but can still sense that the beauty of the relationship is being increasingly replaced by stress and other forms of negativity. He begins to treat you badly, which could be unintentional, and you keep putting your best into the relationship. It’s a gray area for you, as there’s still a bit of beauty in the relationship and you’re wondering what to do.

It’s important to understand why men that treat women badly do so. A lot of the time, it is their way of lashing out. It is also a way of reacting to past experience. There are also narcissistic men who tend to treat their partners badly as a way of life. They are too fixed on themselves that they do not know how to treat the people in their lives properly and respectfully. Narcissism can be subtle at the beginning, but it eventually unveils itself in its fullness. When it does and he doesn’t acknowledge the need to make amends, it is best to leave that relationship. It is not news that the quality of one’s relationship can determine the quality of their lives.

When a man treats you badly, it is important to be proactive as your passiveness means you accepting the abuse, losing your self-esteem and respect. You are probably going to find it harder to leave if you are not proactive enough. A lot of people who have remained abusive relationship planned to leave but never got around to leaving. You shouldn’t become one of such people, and here are some pointers on how to get react when a man treats you badly.

Communicate your worries with them

If you’re concerned about how their attitude has changed in a certain area, you should talk to them about it. Communicate your worries with them as regards the discomfort you feel on certain areas of the relationship. They should be willing to see things your way and understand your concerns even if not fully. That way, they recognize the problem and are willing to see its end.

Otherwise, you stand the risk of doubting yourselves and continually wondering if you’re the one with the problem when you’re not definitely. A narcissistic person will make you feel like you’re the problem.

Communicating your concerns with them will be easier if you set up boundaries before getting into the relationship.

Be sure of their commitment to a change

You should be sure that he is going to make amends instead of just showing false concern. It is easy to get emotional with getting his commitments to making amends. There may be a sad background story to why they can’t treat you right, and you may be tempted to let his commitment to making a change slide. The fact remains that if you remain passive, things will get worse.

Be prepared to leave if nothing changes

There will be the scary thought pattern that you may not find someone better when you leave him and that most people are that same way, but you should begin to prepare to leave him when things deteriorate. Make careful considerations, and always consider leaving him completely as an option.

Ultimately, you should be prepared to be selfish and make tough decisions when a man treats you badly.

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