My boyfriend is always on his phone!

No one wants their boyfriend’s attention stolen by another person much less a device, especially one as mobile as a phone. People take their phones everywhere, and that can be a major source of concern, especially if the phone gets in the way of making human interactions.

So, you were on a date the other day, and he was going through his phone the entire time, even worse than the last time. His behaviour got on every one of your nerves but you were calm throughout the date while asking him politely to put away his phone. He tried but kept going back to viewing his numerous feeds. Now you are wondering how to deal with the situation at hand: your boyfriend spends too much time on his phone, even in very private moments.

Your concerns are valid. No one deserves to have their boyfriend’s attention taken away by a phone, no matter the kind the kind of entertainment offered by the phone. We’ve put together a plan that will help you get your boyfriend’s attention back. You may have been feeling very powerless over the entire situation. We hope to empower you with this piece.

Evaluate that you do not have similar tendencies

It is easy to notice someone else’s misbehaviour without noticing yours. So we will starting with the man in the mirror. Evaluate and ensure that you don’t have similar tendencies. You shouldn’t do this evaluation within a very short time. Give the evaluation at least a week. If you have similar tendencies, even though not bad as his, you should work on yourself first before moving on to him.

Now, put your foot down!

After making sure that your phone doesn’t also steal his attention, it’s time you had a conversation about his phone habits. He may not even know that his habits get on your nerves as much as they do.

You wouldn’t be politely asking him to put away his phone anymore. Instead, you will be having a full conversation about his phone habits, telling him exactly how you feel about his habits. It will be great if you have your thoughts organized beforehand.

Set some rules

He usually agrees to putting away his phone when you ask but picks it up again, after a short time in most cases. This is because you haven’t agreed to a specific length of time he has to stay away from his phone.

Setting those rules will be very helpful. The rules will establish a standard and make him more aware of the fact that his behaviour is breaking the rules.

You could start with the standard “no phones at the dinner table” rule and improve on it. While trying to make these rules, you shouldn’t be out to “punish” him but to establish a situation where both parties make healthy compromises.

We are sure that this is a foolproof plan to get your boyfriend to spend less time on his phone when you’re together. You deserve as much as his attention as you can get back, and we hope that that’s what this plan brings you.

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