How to Know If You’re Polyamorous

• Feeling a strong emotional connection and attraction to multiple people simultaneously: You know you’re polyamorous when your heart feels like a crowded subway during rush hour, with all those feelings jostling for attention.

• Having the desire for, or being open to, engaging in romantic or sexual relationships with more than one person at a time: If the thought of having more partners makes you go “Why settle for just one slice of pizza when I can have the whole damn pie?”

• Finding fulfillment and satisfaction from seeing your partners form connections with other people: Watching your loved ones connect is like witnessing an epic crossover episode between your favorite TV shows – it’s exciting and brings joy!

• Experiencing compersion, which is feeling joy when your partner finds happiness or love with someone else: Instead of turning green with envy like The Hulk, you feel genuinely happy that they found their own personal superhero (or supervillain).

• Being comfortable with the idea of sharing your time, affection, and resources among multiple partners: Sharing may not always be caring in kindergarten but spreading love around definitely suits us grown-ups who want to build meaningful connections.

• Valuing honesty and open communication within relationships as you navigate multiple connections: Forget secret codes; we prefer transparent conversations where everyone knows what’s on each other’s Netflix watchlist.

• Recognizing that love does not have to be limited or exclusive to just one person at a time: Love isn’t some fancy buffet restaurant where you can only pick one dish. Why limit yourself when there are so many flavors out there?

• Feeling contentment rather than jealousy when thinking about your partner(s) being involved with others romantically or sexually: Jealousy takes too much energy anyway; let them explore while you focus on finding new hobbies…like knitting sweaters for imaginary penguins!

• Having an innate belief that monogamy may not suit your personal needs or desires for intimacy and connection: If monogamy were a pair of shoes, you’d be like Cinderella’s stepsisters trying to squeeze into them – it just doesn’t fit!

• Reflecting on past relationships and realizing that you have consistently been attracted to or interested in multiple people simultaneously: Remember when your crushes had their own fan club? Yeah, turns out that wasn’t just a phase.

• Feeling a sense of freedom and liberation when considering the possibility of having multiple romantic or sexual partners: It’s like breaking free from relationship shackles and soaring through the skies with an “I’m polyamorous” superhero cape.

• Finding it challenging to adhere to traditional monogamous relationship norms and feeling restricted by them: The rulebook for monogamy reads like stereo instructions. Who needs all those complicated diagrams when we can create our own masterpiece?

• Being naturally inclined towards forming deep emotional connections with more than one person at a time without feeling overwhelmed or stretched thin: You’ve got enough love inside you to rival Santa Claus; spreading cheer (and kisses) is what you’re built for!

• Enjoying the idea of building unique, individualized relationships with each partner, rather than seeking a “one-size-fits-all” approach to love and commitment: Forget about cookie-cutter romances; you prefer crafting bespoke connections that make Cupid jealous.

• Recognizing that your capacity for love is not limited by societal expectations or conventional relationship structures: Society may try putting us in boxes labeled “monogamous,” but we’re here ripping up those cardboard confines because love knows no boundaries!

• Embracing non-traditional relationship dynamics such as ethical non-monogamy, open relationships, or swinging as potential avenues for fulfilling your needs and desires for intimacy: When life gives you lemons, why settle for lemonade when there are so many other delicious drinks waiting at the bar?

• Seeking out resources – books, articles, podcasts about polyamory out of genuine curiosity and interest in exploring this lifestyle further: Forget the latest celebrity gossip; you’re more interested in diving deep into the wonderful world of polyamory – it’s like a treasure hunt for your heart!

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