What Questions You Should Never Ask a Guy

• “Are you balding?” – Asking about someone’s physical appearance can be a sensitive topic, especially when it comes to insecurities like hair loss. Plus, do we really want guys walking around with hats on all the time? Let them rock their shiny heads in peace!

• “How much money do you make?” – Money is a personal and private matter for many people, so prying into someone’s financial situation is like sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong. Besides, who needs dollar signs floating between conversations?

• “Why are you still single?” – This question may come across as judgmental or imply that there is something wrong with being single. Maybe they just haven’t found someone worthy of their awesomeness yet!

• “Have you ever cheated on anyone before?” – Bringing up past infidelity can be uncomfortable and potentially damaging to trust in a relationship. It’s like stirring up old wounds and expecting everyone to break out into group therapy.

• “Do you think I’m prettier than your ex?” – Comparing oneself to an ex-partner can create unnecessary tension and insecurity in the current relationship. Remember, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder (and not some imaginary competition).

• “When are we getting married/having kids?” – Pressuring someone about marriage or starting a family might cause stress and strain if they’re not ready for such commitments yet. Let love simmer at its own pace; otherwise, it’s like trying to microwave romance – never ends well.

• “What’s your body count/sexual history?” – Asking about intimate details of someone’s sexual past can invade their privacy and make them feel uncomfortable sharing such information. Trust me, bedroom secrets should remain locked away tighter than Fort Knox.

• “Why don’t you have more muscles/a six-pack? Are you lazy at the gym?” – Body shaming or questioning someone’s fitness level is disrespectful and hurtful. Let’s focus on the real six-pack – a fridge full of snacks!

• “Did your previous relationships fail because of something specific that was wrong with them?” – Blaming or assuming fault without knowing all sides of the story could lead to misunderstandings or discomfort. It’s like asking someone why their favorite ice cream flavor melted away.

• “Are you gay?” – Asking someone about their sexual orientation is intrusive and personal. Everyone deserves respect, regardless of who they love. Plus, it’s not our business unless we’re planning a surprise Pride parade for them!

• “Why don’t you drink alcohol?” – Inquiring about someone’s choice not to consume alcohol might be sensitive, as it could involve personal reasons or struggles with addiction. Respect their decision; after all, there are plenty of other ways to have fun without waking up with a hangover.

• “What’s your salary? How much do you earn per year?” – Delving into someone’s income can be seen as nosy and inappropriate, so let’s keep those prying eyes focused on more important things (like finding out if pineapple belongs on pizza).

• “Do you have any regrets in life?” – This question may bring up painful memories or emotions that the person may not want to discuss openly. Regrets are like expired milk – best left forgotten at the back of the fridge.

• “Who are you voting for in the upcoming election?” – Political beliefs can be highly divisive, so it’s generally better to steer clear of this topic unless both parties feel comfortable discussing it. Remember: opinions are like belly buttons – everyone has one but showing yours off doesn’t always end well.

• “Have you ever been arrested or spent time in jail?” – Unless there is a genuine need-to-know basis, asking about someone’s criminal history can be invasive and judgmental. We’ll leave that detective work for Sherlock Holmes, thank you very much!

• “Why aren’t you more successful by now?” – Questioning someone’s achievements or lack thereof implies judgment and undermines their journey towards success on their own terms. Success is like a fine wine – it takes time to age gracefully, so let them savor the process.

• “How did your last relationship end? Was it your fault?” – Blaming or prying into past relationships without proper context places unfair assumptions on the individual involved. It’s like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube with missing pieces – better left unsolved!

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