How does a covert narcissist feel when you leave him?

• A covert narcissist may initially feel shocked and surprised when their partner leaves them. They might have thought that they were the best thing that happened to their partner, so how could anyone leave such a perfect person? It can be quite a blow to their ego.

• They may struggle to accept the reality of the situation, feeling confused and bewildered by what has happened. This is because they are used to being in control of everything around them, including people’s emotions. So when someone takes back control from them, it throws off their entire sense of self-worth.

• The loss of control over their partner can be a significant blow to their ego, causing feelings of insecurity and vulnerability. Covert narcissists thrive on controlling others’ behavior through manipulation tactics like gaslighting or guilt-tripping. When this power dynamic shifts out of balance, they start panicking about losing face.

• In some cases, they may try to manipulate or guilt-trip their ex-partner into returning to the relationship. After all, if you’re not with them anymore – who else would want you? Just kidding! But seriously though…they’ll do anything for another chance at maintaining an illusionary image as “perfect” partners.

• However, if this fails (and it usually does), they are likely to experience intense anger and resentment towards their former partner for “abandoning” them. Narcissists don’t take rejection well; especially those who believe themselves superior than everyone else!

• This anger can manifest in various ways – from passive-aggressive behavior like silent treatment or sulking – which will make your life miserable until you come back crawling-  to outright aggression or harassment- which is just plain scary!

• At the same time, they may also feel a sense of relief that they no longer have to maintain appearances or live up to expectations imposed by the relationship. Being in a relationship requires effort on both sides, and a covert narcissist would rather not put in the work. They can now focus on themselves without having to worry about anyone else.

• Ultimately though, a covert narcissist is more concerned with preserving their image than dealing with emotions such as grief or heartbreak. Their ego won’t allow them to show vulnerability; they’ll pretend that everything’s okay even when it isn’t. “I’m fine” – said every covert narcissist ever!

• They may feel a sense of entitlement and victimhood, believing that their partner was “ungrateful” or didn’t appreciate everything they did for them. Covert narcissists believe that they are entitled to admiration from others because of their supposed superiority over everyone else.

• Covert narcissists often struggle with feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem beneath the surface, which can be exacerbated by rejection or abandonment. When someone leaves them behind, these underlying insecurities come up like an erupting volcano!

• Some covert narcissists may try to move on quickly by finding a new source of validation or attention- after all who cares if you’re happy? As long as I get what I want! However, this rebound relationship is likely to be short-lived as they are unable to form deep connections based on genuine empathy and emotional reciprocity.

• In some cases, leaving a covert narcissist can lead to positive changes in their behavior if it serves as a wake-up call that their actions have consequences (fingers crossed). But don’t hold your breath! These changes are unlikely unless the individual seeks professional help and commits to long-term personal growth – something most Narcissus’ aren’t willing todo!.

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