What Is a Unicorn Hunter in Polyamory

• A unicorn hunter in polyamory refers to a couple, usually heterosexual, seeking a bisexual woman (the “unicorn”) to join their relationship because apparently finding someone who’s attracted to both of them is as rare and mythical as spotting Bigfoot riding a rainbow.

• The term “unicorn” is used because let’s face it, stumbling upon a person who willingly wants to be the magical third wheel in an existing couple can feel like discovering a creature straight out of fairy tales – elusive and almost too good to be true!

• Unicorn hunters often have specific expectations for the unicorn’s role within the relationship, which may include being involved with both partners equally or primarily focusing on one partner while being secondary to the other. It’s like ordering off a menu where you get to customize your ideal non-monogamous arrangement – hold the commitment but extra attention please!

• Some unicorn hunters may prioritize their own needs and desires above those of the unicorn, leading to potential power imbalances within the dynamic. It’s all fun and games until someone forgets that relationships should involve equal parts love, respect…and glitter.

• This approach has been criticized by some in the polyamorous community as it can objectify and commodify individuals rather than valuing them as autonomous beings with their own wants and needs. Remember folks: people are not collectible trading cards; they’re human beings deserving of love without feeling like part of an amusement park ride.

• Unicorn hunters often have a set of predetermined qualities they seek in a unicorn, such as physical appearance, sexual preferences or even specific personality traits. Because why settle for just any mystical equine when you could find one with impeccable hairdos and shared interests in knitting socks for leprechauns?

• The couple may place unrealistic expectations on the unicorn to fulfill all their desires and needs without considering her own boundaries and limitations. Newsflash: unicorns don’t possess magic wands capable of granting every wish and desire, so it’s important to respect their boundaries and treat them like the majestic beings they are.

• In some cases, unicorn hunting can lead to feelings of isolation for the unicorn as she may be seen solely as an accessory to enhance the existing relationship rather than being valued for her individuality. Remember, unicorns aren’t just there to make your love life sparkle; they have their own dreams, hopes, and rainbows to chase!

• There is debate within the polyamorous community about whether or not it is ethical to actively search for a unicorn instead of allowing connections to develop naturally and organically. It’s like debating whether you should force-feed someone rainbow-colored cupcakes or let them discover their sweet tooth on their own terms.

• Unicorn hunting can perpetuate harmful stereotypes about bisexual women by reducing them to mere objects of desire rather than recognizing their agency and autonomy. Bisexual women deserve better treatment than being treated like mythical creatures that exist solely for others’ pleasure – let’s celebrate their identities without turning them into magical props!

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