What Does “Taking It Slow” Mean To a Guy?

You may think everything is perfect and going according to plan until one day your man hits you with, “I think things are moving a little too fast right now. I think we should slow it down”. In this moment, your head is spinning and you’re wondering what it all means. This has been the reality of so many people and unfortunately most of them failed to handle the situation properly because they didn’t even understand what was going on. So when a guy tells you he want to slow it down, what exactly is he trying to tell you?

  • He’s trying to get you know you better. It’s very easy to meet and feel like we have an instant connection with them. While this sounds very dreamy, in the long run, real feelings are what hold a relationship down. He might just be taking his time to get to know you well so he doesn’t miss anything and he is fully aware of what he’s getting himself. So even though it might not be what you want you hear in that moment, if this is the case, you relationship will be the better for it.
  • He’s confused. Even though this may seem unlikely for most guys, as they appear to always have their feelings in check, sometimes they really have no clue what they’re doing. Relationships are hard work and commitment is a really big deal. Anyone who takes them seriously would need to be very clear about their feelings before deciding to be in one. You may be kind and an absolute delight to have around, but is he completely sure that he wants to be with you? If he is torn and asking all these internal questions, then he is very likely to ask that you slow things down.
  • You’re becoming too much too soon. It’s not uncommon to find a guy that you like and immediately want to do and be everything for him. It is a sweet gesture, but not everyone appreciates it nonetheless. Some people need to be able to recognize themselves in relationships and being with someone who is always there gets in the way of that. In that case, he just needs you take a step back and allow him recover his personal space.
  • He’s not ready yet. This may sound confusing but it’s very true. He may totally into you but is simply unable to commit in that moment. Maybe he has personal projects that need his immediate attention, or he’s in a bad place and needs to take care of himself first. It might seem like a hard pill to swallow at first, but it definitely beats being in a relationship with someone who just isn’t going to give it his best.
  • He’s simply not interested. This is a truth that no one wants to admit to themselves, but sometimes when a guy wants to take things slow, he’s just not interested in being with you. The sooner you figure this out and come to terms with it, the better and happier you feel.

Now I know it’s not exactly easy to figure out which of these reasons your man is telling you to slow things down, you’ll never know until you face it head on. Ask him questions and demand honest answers. Understanding the reason for his decision, is definitely a step in the right direction for your relationship and general wellbeing.


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