“How to Tell My Girlfriend That I Am Polyamorous”

• Choose the right time and place to have an open and honest conversation with your girlfriend about being polyamorous: Find a cozy spot where you can both relax, preferably not during her favorite TV show or while she’s hangry (that’s never a good idea).

• Start by explaining what being polyamorous means to you, emphasizing that it is a valid relationship orientation: Break it down in simple terms without sounding like you’re reading out of a textbook. No need for fancy jargon here; just be real.

• Be prepared for different reactions from your girlfriend – she may be understanding, curious, or even upset: Brace yourself for anything! She might jump up and shout “Hallelujah!” or throw her socks at you (hopefully clean ones). People react differently when faced with unexpected news.

• Reassure her that your feelings for her are still strong and that being polyamorous doesn’t change how much you care about her: Let those lovey-dovey emotions flow! Remind her why she fell head over heels for you in the first place – because let’s face it, who wouldn’t?

• Give her space to process the information and encourage her to ask questions or express any concerns she may have: Don’t hover around like an anxious seagull waiting for breadcrumbs. Allow some breathing room so she can digest this new revelation at her own pace.

• Discuss boundaries together; talk about what each of you is comfortable with in terms of dating others while maintaining your relationship: It’s time to set some ground rules. Figure out what makes both of y’all comfy-cozy within this newfound realm of romantic exploration.

• Offer resources such as books or articles on polyamory if she wants more information or support in understanding this lifestyle choice: Knowledge is power! Share some educational materials so she can dive deeper into the world of ethical non-monogamy if desired…or maybe just some funny memes to lighten the mood.

• Show empathy towards any negative emotions she might experience, acknowledging that this news can be challenging for both of you: Be her emotional cheerleader! Let her know it’s okay to feel a bit overwhelmed or confused. After all, life is full of surprises – and not always the good kind like finding money in your pocket!

• Avoid pressuring or expecting immediate acceptance; give her time to digest everything before making any decisions about the future of your relationship: Patience is key here. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was understanding polyamory. Give her space to ponder whether she wants extra love on her plate (and hey, who wouldn’t?).

• Be prepared for the possibility that your girlfriend may not be open to the idea of polyamory, and consider how you will navigate this if it arises: Brace yourself for potential stormy weather ahead. While we hope for sunny skies filled with multiple partners holding hands skipping through meadows together… reality often throws us curveballs.

• Assure her that being polyamorous doesn’t mean she is lacking in any way or that there is something wrong with your relationship: Reassurance time again! Remind her that exploring different connections doesn’t diminish what you two have; instead, it adds an exciting layer of adventure without subtracting from what makes you special as a couple.

• Emphasize the importance of communication and transparency throughout this journey, as trust will play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy dynamic: Communication skills are like sexy lingerie – they make everything better! Talk openly about fears, desires, boundaries…heck even discuss which pizza toppings are deal-breakers (pineapple lovers unite!).

• Reiterate that being polyamorous does not diminish your commitment to her; rather, it allows for additional connections while still valuing and prioritizing your existing relationship: Time management gets real interesting when there’s more than one love interest in the picture. Let her know that she’ll always be your number one, even if you’re painting a few extra numbers on the canvas.

• Encourage her to express any concerns or fears she may have about jealousy or feeling neglected so you can address them openly and honestly together: Jealousy is like an unwelcome guest crashing your polyamorous party – it happens! Create a safe space for her to talk about those pesky emotions, and find ways to tackle them as a team (no wrestling required).

• Discuss what kind of support system both of you might need moving forward – whether it’s seeking therapy individually or as a couple, joining local poly communities, or finding online resources where others share their experiences: It takes a village…or at least some supportive pals who understand this wild ride called polyamory. Explore different avenues together and build your tribe of fellow non-monogamous adventurers.

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