Can You Be Fired for Being Polyamorous?

• Employment discrimination laws vary by country, state, and jurisdiction: It’s like a wild rollercoaster ride where the rules change depending on where you are. So what flies in one place might not fly in another when it comes to being polyamorous.

• In some places, being polyamorous may not be a protected characteristic under anti-discrimination laws: Sadly, there are still locations out there that haven’t caught up with the times. They don’t see loving multiple people as something worthy of protection.

• If an employer has policies against engaging in “immoral” or “unethical” behavior outside of work that includes polyamory, they may have grounds to terminate someone’s employment: Ahh, those pesky morality clauses! Some employers think they can dictate your love life too. But hey, who gave them the right to play Cupid?

• Some employers might argue that the presence of multiple romantic partners could create conflicts of interest within the workplace and impact professional relationships negatively: Yeah sure, because having more than one partner automatically means you’ll start mixing business with pleasure at every water cooler conversation. Talk about jumping to conclusions!

• It is crucial to review local labor laws and consult with legal professionals familiar with employment law in your specific area for accurate information regarding potential job termination based on one’s polyamorous lifestyle: When it comes to navigating these treacherous waters called employment law, make sure you have a trusty compass (a.k.a., lawyer) who knows their stuff inside out.

• Employers generally have the right to terminate an employee for any reason that is not protected by anti-discrimination laws: Brace yourself—it’s true! Unless there’s a specific law protecting your rights as a proud polyamorist (which isn’t always guaranteed), bosses can pull out all sorts of reasons from thin air justifying why they want you packing.

• If an employer discovers someone’s polyamorous lifestyle and decides it goes against their company values or culture, they may choose to terminate their employment: Who knew that loving more than one person could be so scandalous? If your employer’s stuck in the dark ages when it comes to relationships, you might find yourself searching for a new job.

• In some cases, employers might argue that being openly polyamorous could harm the reputation of the company or create a hostile work environment among colleagues: Apparently, love is contagious—and not in a good way! Some companies fear that if word gets out about your multiple partners, chaos will ensue. As if everyone at the office suddenly becomes an amateur relationship therapist.

• It is essential for individuals in a polyamorous relationship to consider potential risks before disclosing their personal life at work, as it could potentially impact job security: Before you start shouting from the rooftops about how amazing your polyamory journey is, take a moment to think about whether sharing this part of your life with coworkers is worth risking those precious paychecks.

• While discrimination based on sexual orientation is prohibited in many jurisdictions, protection specifically related to polyamory varies greatly and depends on local laws and regulations: The law can be like playing darts blindfolded—sometimes you hit bullseye (hello LGBTQ+ rights!), but other times you miss entirely (sorry fellow polys!). So make sure you know what protections are available where you live before going all-in with disclosure.

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