Dating a divorced dad: red flags

Majority of women think that dating a divorced dad comes with lot of complications because they already have priorities, they have undergone painful experiences, or they might still be too emotional after the process. However, even if you are single, you have complications too right? So that does not mean that divorced dad do not deserve a second chance at love, some might even have an advantage since they already have a long term experience, they are mature enough to handle women, and they know how to keep them satisfied and happy. Do not stop yourself if you want to date a divorced dad, give him a chance. Just make sure that you fully understand his situation and get ready to take the risks just like any other usual relationships.

Here are some of the red flags when dating a divorced dad that you need watch out:

  1. Know his goal – Divorced dads are just like normal men, they either want to play around or they are looking for a long term relationship and it is very important that you know his type in order for you not be a rebound. You need to make sure that he is completely ready to fall in love again after a divorce before you invest time, effort, and feelings. Take your time and know him better.

  2. Too defensive – Even if you are just asking usual and simple questions, they tend to give you defensive answers. This might be because of their previous relationship or they are too experienced with these kinds of situations and they think they know what you wanted to hear from them. Sometimes, he even gets angry when asked.

  3. He is too emotional – This is common especially if a man just got separated. He opens up about the process, how painful it was, and things like that. There is definitely nothing wrong with that because it just simply means that he trusts you and wants you to understand him. However, what is not normal is whenever you are together, you only talk about these things over and over and he makes it the topic of your every conversation, which can be very toxic and stressful.

  4. Runs away from responsibilities – Is he afraid of commitment? Does it make him uneasy whenever you open up about having your own family with him? Watch out for this red flag and make sure that your divorced man is not afraid of responsibilities before you start something with him.

  5. Ask your kids – If you are also divorced and you have children, make sure to ask your kid’s opinion towards him because if you two decided to be together, it is essential that your kids love him too and vice versa.

Those are the red flags when dating a divorced dad. You need to exert extra effort in order to identify their goals before you invest your precious feelings. Ask yourself, is he ready to start his new chapter of life with you or he just wants to play around after a divorce? Trust your instinct!

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