How to stop liking someone

• Is it possible to make yourself stop liking someone? What can help?

Linda Bloom, L.C.S.W.:

Our feelings come uninvited. We can’t control them, but we can make wise choices to separate from a person who is not a suitable partner. First, we must not [be intimate] with them anymore because the hormones in our blood stream work like glue to keep us bonded to them. And we can stop seeing that person, talking with them on the phone, texting, or emailing. We can make a conscious decision to put them out of our mind when we are thinking obsessively about them, and distract ourselves with other friend and activities. That’s the best way to let go of a relationship that is unsuitable to us. Grieving the loss of what might have been will take us a long way. And affirming that this lost relationship was only a stepping stone relationship that is bringing us closer to the one that will be a keeper.

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