Author Interview With Nadine Little

Please introduce yourself and your book(s)

Hello! I’m Nadine and I live in the Central Belt of Scotland. I’ve been a published author since 2020, The Year of Our Plague. My books are often based in Scotland and are either science fiction/dystopian or paranormal fantasy. Whatever the genre, there’s always swearing and sexy bits so if you like sweet and gentle fiction, my stuff isn’t for you.

I currently have four published books in my Faction War Chronicles series:

  • Captivity
  • Salvation Road
  • Nationless Will Fall
  • Homecoming

You can get Captivity for FREE if you sign up to my mailing list at

Captivity is an action-packed dystopian military adventure following Anita Carmichael’s quest to discover who murdered her sister and started a war.

When I’m not writing, you can find me walking around in bogs and looking at poop (I’m an ecologist, not a weirdo) or playing Fortnite on my PlayStation.

Tell us about the characters and relationships in your stories

I love writing about strong women and guys who have a vulnerable side. The main character in my published books is stubborn, mouthy and not afraid to fight to get what she wants. She’s had a toxic experience from a past relationship and thinks all men are just sex-crazed maniacs. But that doesn’t stop her from wanting to find someone to love (though she doesn’t like to admit it). Falling in love is scary. It makes you vulnerable. And she’s not the most trusting person given what’s happened to her.

In the books I’ll be publishing next, there’s a woman who can handle a sword and battle dragon shapeshifters. She meets a shy, sexy guy and, despite the danger he’s mixed up in, she can’t help falling for him.

My characters tend to avoid forming relationships for as long as possible but when they finally take that step, they never forget it.

What lessons could readers learn about real-world relationships from your novel(s)?

Never settle for someone who’ll abuse your trust or drop you at the first hint of trouble. And just because someone is your enemy, doesn’t mean they’re not the greatest thing that could ever happen to you (P.S. I love enemies to lovers).

What real-life relationship experiences, observations or insights have influenced your writing?

Ooh, that’s a tough one! ‘Write what you know’ is common advice given to authors but if you take that as a rule when reading my novels, you’ll think I go around seducing virgins and pegging demons, which, sadly, I do not ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ve been in a long-term relationship for the past 13 years but my writing has characters who are just starting out. I love writing about them meeting and getting to know each other (amidst some kind of dystopian or fantasy background, of course). It means I get to experience that excitement of new love again and again and again.

Are there any relationship themes or topics you want to cover in future releases?

My future releases will cover all sorts:

  1. building trust
  2. taboo relationships (human and alien)
  3. sexual healing (literally)
  4. overcoming fears
  5. the aforementioned virgins and demon pegging

So feel free to pick your favourite ๐Ÿ™‚


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