Interview With Faith Dulin, MA, LMFTA

How and/or why did you become a therapist?

It seemed like a good idea at the time. I kid, I kid.. No, I wanted my very own super powers. OK, for real this time, human behavior is fascinating. What if you could understand why people do what they do and even anticipate certain behaviors?

What are the most rewarding aspects of being a therapist?

A couple comes in, they’re MAD. They’re hurt, they don’t feel heard. Inside of 50 minutes, things change. One couple left my office playfully flirting with each other. One couple giggled like kids and snuck down the hallway looking for places to leave “googley eyes” as their homework assignment to get back in touch with fun.

What’s unique or special in your background or approach to interpersonal relationships?

I like to have fun at work. When I walk a client out at the end of session, people in the waiting room say, “I heard laughing back there!” Yes – it’s therapy, it doesn’t have to be a dentist visit! The type of clients who enjoy working with me are ready to revolutionize their life and relationships. They’ve described me as “less clinical” and more “down to earth.”

What are your favorite or most interesting interpersonal relationship tips/advice?

Start your conversations with “I”: I feel, I would like.. Tell your partner what a hottie they are. Go to bed angry – you’ll feel differently in the morning and fighting all night rarely helps. Realize it’s often not even about you, they’ve got their own history, lens and filter they’re working with. Intimacy is important and encompasses affection, fun, kindness, vulnerability, sharing, support, physical contact, emotional connection, romance, excitement, etc. Last but certainly not least, love yourself!!

What are some things about therapy that you want to increase public awareness about?

Therapy is NOT just for people who are “broken, damaged or crazy.” Taking care of your mental health is just as important as the daily routine of physical care. Your mind drives everything.

What are some of the biggest mistakes a therapist or patient can make?

Therapists should know who they’re a good fit for and Clients shouldn’t feel bad about searching for someone who is going to be the right fit for them! The first step in self-reflection is knowing who you are and what you need.


Psychotherapist Faith Dulin, MA, LMFTA owns Harmony Psychotherapy in Charlotte NC. As a Marriage & Family Therapist, she specializes in relationship dynamics and interaction patterns, helping couples communicate effectively and engage in constructive disagreements. She speaks fluent man and woman-ese and is able to bridge conversations between partners where both feel heard and understood. You can learn more about Faith Dulin at

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