The New Power Couple – Top Relationship Tips From The Author’s Blog

Below is our interpretation of the best relationship tips found on the blog of the Freemans, authors of The New Power Couple: Designing An Abundant Life And Relationship That Lasts Forever which you can get at

1. Conflict resolution: Accept that conflicts will happen during the relationship in the future, and be better prepared for it by setting rules about what is or isn’t acceptable (e.g. crying is okay but physical intimidation is off-limits). Resist the natural urge to stand your ground on your point of view being the correct one and try listening to each other to work towards a common middle ground. Empathize with and put yourself in your partner’s shoes to better understand their position, and communicate what you felt to make sure you got it right.

2. Relationships as life challenges: Challenging experiences in relationships (not limited to romantic ones) are learning and self-improvement opportunities as they provide insights about yourself that you can’t see directly, but beware of relationships that are simply too damaging. Even positive relationship challenges may not necessarily feel pleasant, but recognizing them as learning experiences and how you react to and deal with them determines how much you learn and gain from them.

3. Habits to create with your partner: Do something together in the morning that’s “offline” – no smartphones, no electronics. Ask each other specific, thought-provoking questions. Read things with substance rather than the shallow things that pervade the world today. Be aware of each other’s schedules. Engage in activities that promote learning and self-improvement. While it’s good to have goals, it’s more important to enjoy the journey itself.

4. Becoming a closer couple: Always find time to have fun (it helps to take full advantage of the time-saving conveniences of the modern world, and often it’s worth not being so frugal here), especially somewhere with lots of greenery rather than indoors or in the middles of a concrete jungle, and find things that you can afford to remove from your schedule. Don’t be lazy or utilitarian with electronic communication – make sure love and affection aren’t missing from them too. Keep the focus on the two of you rather than worrying whether your relationship measures up to those of others.

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