Interview With Jonathan Herrick, LCSW


Jonathan Herrick, LCSW received his masters from NYU’s School of Social Work and trained with many of the leading psychotherapists and spiritual masters around the world. For thirty-five years he has enjoyed a private practice in NYC, then San Francisco and now San Luis Obispo.

Together, Jonathan and his wife Bobby Carroll coach couples and are completing their first two books, Time-Out and Time-In. They share three magnificent, adult children.

We specialize in guiding people to: prevent fights and excel at relationship; develop self-acceptance and self-respect; create strategies for up-leveling their career or their own company; & to find psychological and spiritual freedom. I teach meditation, the unique power-tools my wife and I created for relational success.

What steps should be taken to forgive yourself after cheating?

1) Explore & understand the cause and motivation for the infidelity. Most commonly there is some vacuum in the primary relationship.

2) Question your beliefs that cause you to feel guilty – such as: “I’m not a good partner.” Then ask, “IS that true?” Byron Katie’s Work is very useful here.

3) Commit to yourself and your partner that you will remain faithful – while working on the issues in the relationship that contributed to cheating.

What can cause someone to have no interest in dating or relationships, and what could help kindle it?

The main cause is a deep fear of “losing” oneself, of giving over to another’s demands so much that you are untrue to yourself.

The way to kindle it is to find ways of practicing and staying in touch with and COMMIT to yourself

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