Author Interview With Sunshine Rodgers

Please introduce yourself and your book(s) 

I am an International Best-Selling Author on Amazon and I have attended 31 book signings and 5 Book Tours. My books have landed on 23 different Amazon Best Seller lists in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. My stories are translated in several different languages (Spanish, English, Portuguese). I have appeared in over 37 interviews for newspapers, bloggers, podcasts and radio. I am also a Brand Ambassador, Entrepreneur and Blogger, reaching 29K+ social media followers.  

I have written 10 books that comprise of fiction, children’s books and nonfiction. The one book I am going to focus on for this Interview is called “The Characters Within” which is available in paperback, hardcover, eBook and audio book! This story is Part-Musical, a Book-within-a-Book, and it is set in a theme park. Brittany Myers is bored working as a Cheese Crusader at the Fun at the Parm Attraction and creates a new world using her co-workers as characters for her upcoming novel, “The Carnival Ride.”  

Tell us about the characters and relationships in your stories 

In “The Characters Within,” Brittany has a major crush on Martin, her work Supervisor.  She dreams about the day when she can date Martin the Great (as she properly names him in her novel!). Martin is so handsome and so perfect and Brittany will do anything to get closer to the man of her dreams!

Little does she know, her next-door neighbor and best friend, Travis starts to develop romantic feelings for Brittany. And her wanting to date Martin will certainly complicate her and Travis’ close bond. Travis has been Brittany’s BFF for more than a year and makes it clear, he wants more than just a friendship.  

There is Martin, the man of her dreams. And Travis, the best friend. And there is only one rose on the table. Who will Brittany choose?  

What lessons could readers learn about real-world relationships from your novel(s)? 

In “The Characters Within”, Brittany falls for Martin the Great. She falls for his handsome look and loveable personality, but what do they really have in common? 

I do this all the time. I think that someone is better in my head than in reality. But Brittany must learn what is a fairy tale  and what is real love.  

I think that’s important for readers to understand that you don’t have to look too far to find love. Sometimes, it’s closer than you think.  

What real-life relationship experiences, observations or insights have influenced your writing? 

I want to bring up another book I wrote called “The Ring Does Not Fit,” about Alena and Lee who have been married for 7 years.  Alena is tired of her marriage and ungrateful for her husband. Through rather unexplainable circumstances, she goes into this paradoxical love story where she is married to other men in different cities in different times.  In these versions, she seems to have everything she wants i.e. money, fame, popularity, but she figures out what is most important.

I mention this book because my husband, Travis and I are about to celebrate our 8-year anniversary. And I admit, there have been times where I would wonder about my former boyfriends, thinking what would have happened if I had married them instead. And thus, “The Ring Does Not Fit” was written.  

Are there any relationship themes or topics you want to cover in future releases? 

I have a new book release coming out called, “Once Upon a Time…in a Dental Office.” It’s about a Receptionist  named Kay who works with two very handsome Dentists.   

She is completely smitten with Dr. Chase Hatchett and finds any and every opportunity to visit the office of the most Eligible Bachelor at Hour Glass Dental. All the Dental Assistants also yearn for Chase’s attention, but Kay has her eyes on the prize.  

Of course, when Kay is overwhelmed with patients or insurance claims, the primary physician, Dr. Brian Alchan  always helps her out in a pinch and is readily available to alleviate her workload.  

Kay may find out that even though both Dentists bring their own unique style to the white lab coat, only one will truly capture her heart!  


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