Author Interview With KC Poitras


Please introduce yourself and your book(s)

Hi, I’m KC. I am originally from Virginia and now reside in Florida. I found myself coming up on the ripe age of fifty when my marriage fell apart. Like many others, I felt my life was over. I would never find love, and was destined to grow old alone. Until one day, I found what true love was all about. My novels aspire to bring hope to others when they feel there is none.  

All of my novels are based around the Florida Gulf Coast. They offer a story of loss, trials, relationship challenges, infidelity and hope. Second chances, older in life romances are key to my writing, as well as giving hope to those that feel there isn’t any.

Tell us about the characters and relationships in your stories

Many of my characters are older, I have however written a few that are mid to late twenties. All of my characters resonate with hardship, struggles, loss and tragedy, to overcome the challenges life throws at them together for their happily ever after. The challenges they overcome are real life ones, such as a loss of a child, an accident that disables one of them to an outsider trying to break up a marriage. Their relationships almost break, but the one thing that holds true is their unwillingness to let whatever they face break them apart.

What lessons could readers learn about real-world relationships from your novel(s)?

A relationship is a 100% give and take by both individuals. If your communication is open, and if you hear each other, all uphill battles can be won together. Always stay true to yourself, and take out any judgement or belief’s you carry from previous relationships or the past. You cannot compare your current relationship with prior ones. Find “that person,” someone you can vent to, talk to about annoyances, that won’t advise you. They simply listen, agree and allow you to be heard. I’m not saying this should be the case if actual abuse is involved, however if it’s simply a pet-peeve then, you need to shut out all the outside noise. If you don’t shut it out, you’ll find yourself going down the path of destruction. The outside noise in a relationship can ruin it quicker than a door slamming in the breeze. The next thing you know you’ve got a mountain of problems you’re focused on that should be ant hills.  Most importantly, never give up hope. 

What real-life relationship experiences, observations or insights have influenced your writing?

A lot. I’ve had experiences where miscommunication and assumptions build deep wedges in my relationships. I’ve learned what is worth a battle and what is not within a relationship. Outsiders, also tend to play a huge factor in a relationship when it is the most fragile. For years, I had outside noise that interfered tremendously. I’ll always have hope, and if I don’t have a relationship, I’ll have myself, so never lose you.

Are there any relationship themes or topics you want to cover in future releases?

I’d love to follow the theme of not losing yourself along the way. It’s okay to have a partner that is your rock, but you still need your world. If you find the simple things in life slipping away, you begin to lose yourself, which is as bad as a relationship built on lies.  Along with addressing outside influences, the noise we hear from family, friends, or acquaintances. All those voices of reason from their point of view. No one other than the two people in the relationship can come close to even understanding the dynamic much less advise on it. This will most certainly always ruin a good thing. 


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