Dating Again with Courage and Confidence – Top Post-Breakup Tips From The Book

Below is our interpretation of the best post-breakup tips found in the book Dating Again with Courage and Confidence: The Five-Step Plan to Revitalize Your Love Life After Heartbreak, Breakup, Or Divorce by Fran Greene which you can get at

1. Take consolation in the fact that a breakup is not a tragedy in that at least one party has decided that they couldn’t see a future together – it’s not a Romeo and Juliet situation where external forces tore apart something special, but rather it was doomed already.

2. Even though the one doing the dumping usually has an easier time mentally, it doesn’t necessarily mean they come out unscathed.

3. Indulging in enjoyable activities will help your mind heal (especially physically healthy ones), but stay away from harmful or addictive ones.

4. Cut off all contact with the ex and all news about them. At the same time, get and stay close with emotionally supportive friends, family and professionals.

5. Stop viewing yourself from the POV of the ex and focus on why you’re a good catch in the eyes of a stranger – list them, being specific, detailed and comprehensive.

6. Like a hoarder who refuses to throw away useless things that they mistakenly feel as having value (to their own detriment), doing the same with remnants of the ex (physical and mental) is simply not worth it. To kick things off, clean out your home of all the things you don’t need (even ones not related to the ex).

7. While a new relationship is a logical and reasonable response to a breakup as it fills many of the newly-created voids in your life, avoid jumping into one immediately, using it as an emotional crutch, expecting too much from it or repeating past mistakes. Give yourself time to prepare mentally and physically for a new relationship by looking and feeling your best.

8. You might feel like not going to school or work, but it’s actually a good time to double down and become a workaholic – not only will it help you take your mind off things but the improved work/school performance that will likely result will be further helpful. Not employed or studying? You can also do this with any other activity that involves helping other people.

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