Interview With Mario Palacios, M.A. LMFT


My name is Mario Palacios. Before becoming a therapist, I was in Special Education in a school setting in California for five years. I was interested in helping special needs students more deeply than what was possible in a school setting and decided to hit the books again. I enrolled in a graduate program to follow my interests calling out be a therapist. This has proven to be one of my best decisions I have ever made.

I have been a practicing therapist for the past twenty four years. In that time, I have been inspired and touched by those who have shared their wealth of life stories and experiences. This not only did that enrich the therapeutic process, but strengthened the therapeutic bond.

I love every minute of being a therapist. Why? Being able to have all different walks of life come into my office, listen intently and empathetically to their tribulations and difficulties they face, and work with them to overcome these challenges fills me with passion and purpose. The moment someone is able to take their first steps in realizing their true potential and walking towards positive growth is a monumental change and also courageous. I applaud anyone who is willing to make changes and improve their lives.

What should a man do with a woman who is ignoring him?

First make sure the communication happens when they are both sitting down, it is just the two of them, and there is a willingness to listen to each other. He expresses to her that the main reasons for sitting down and having a discussion is for both to be heard and validated.

Secondly, he needs to be able to express to her openly how her ignoring is making him feel. Using phrases like “I feel frustrated, angry, sad, hurt when you choose to ignore me” will keep the focus on him and he will be expressing how her actions/nonactions are affecting him. This will aid in preventing her from becoming defensive. If she is open to listening and validating how her behavior makes him feel, he can verbalize what he would like to get from her. For example, if she is upset about something he said/did encourage her to express how his actions affected her. This will lead to having a open dialogue between each other. The point of the conversation is that a form of resolvement happens between each other. 

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