How to get a guy to talk to you

Guys get to talk to you all the time. More often than not, they are the kind of guys you’re not interested and you keep wondering why the ones you are interested in do not summon the courage to come talk to you.

You’re not sure of what you’re doing to keep them away but would like things to change. Be rest assured that you are not asking for too much. What you need is actually quite simple: you need the kind of guys you like to initiate conversations with you. Since you cannot initiate these conversations because you feel that your move will be seen as too forward, there are certain things you can do to give him a go-ahead. We’ve put some of those things together.

Make eye contact

Your eyes meeting with that of a random person and staying there for more than a moment is a major way of sending signals across to the other person. So, make eye contact with him. If he noticed you and liked you, he will probably be stealing looks at you increasing the chances of making that eye contact. Making eye contact will boost his confidence level and inspire him to initiate that conversation.


Yes, send your best smile his way, especially when you make the eye contact. Guys hate to be told off and try to ensure that you’re approachable before they make any move, especially in public spaces. By smiling at him, you’re simply expressing your approachability.

Create meeting opportunities

Some guys will never talk to you except there is a need for the talk, even if they like you from afar. So, even if you wouldn’t be initiating the conversation, you can catalyze the conversation by creating meeting points. To do this, however, you need to know a bit more about him like where he grabs his coffee or works out.

Be involved in his interests

This doesn’t mean changing who you are to get that conversation though. This simply means being involved in any of his interests that seem fun to you. That way you are both creating an opportunity to meet up and content for the conversation.

Send him a drink

This is perfect for the cute guy you meet at a bar. Your chances of seeing him again and employing any of the other methods in this case are slim and sending him a drink is a sure way to get him to come over to your table and initiate a conversation.

Become friends with his friends

This is another method to employ if the situation permits. If he is something you will get to see often and don’t mind associating with the company he keeps, you can start by becoming friends with his friends. That way, you’re more in his orbit and the chances of him talking to you become greatly improved. However, this method should be applied with caution giving him the needed space. You don’t want to come across as desperate.

The act of getting a guy is quite straightforward: simply make yourself approachable. So, go ahead and make yourself approachable, he probably was already looking for an opportunity to talk to you.

I can’t talk to girls!

As unbelievable as it may seem, there is a significant number of guys who find it difficult to talk to girls. They may thrive in other aspects of their lives, but talking to girls is that act they’ve found rather tasking.

In this article, we will be highlighting common reasons why guys that can’t talk to girls are that way and giving them pointers to how to initiate a great conversation with girls and simply get more attention from girls.

Why some guys can’t talk to a girl

There are a myriad of reasons why some guys can’t talk to girls, and we will be highlighting some of the commonest reasons.

They are shy

Shyness affects a lot of personal relationships, especially when it involves a girl. People can be so shy that they keep to themselves badly and never initiate any conversation with girls. For this set of persons, the remedy is quite straightforward: work on the shyness.

They’ve been rejected by a girl before

Rejection hurts, especially if it’s from a girl. Rejections can also damage one’s morale in terms of initiating a conversation with a girl. Everyone agrees that rejection hurts, but it is not enough reason to put off talking to girls completing.

Persons that can’t talk to girls because of a previous rejection may also not be able to tell that the rejection was what dampened their abilities to talk to girls.

They are inexperienced

Experience comes in handy when trying to talk to a girl. That person that can work the room and initiate conversations with any girl they like was not always like that. There was a time when their act wasn’t put together, and with experience they became better. Inexperience can be countered by experience, and persons that struggle with talking to women could begin to gather a bit of experience.

Now that we’be covered basic reasons why certain guys can’t talk to girls, we will be sharing tips about talking to girls.

Be yourself

Although you may feel that your quirks are unpresentable, you need to be yourself to initiate a conversation with a girl. If you try to be someone else, you will be too busy staying true to the character to have a meaningful conversation with her.

Develop self-confidence

Girls can easily tell a confident person from a person that has a low self-esteem. Thus in learning how to talk to girls, it is important to build a healthy level of self-confidence that will make you better at talking to girls.

Don’t be too serious

Overseriousness kills any conversation before it starts, especially if the conversation is with a girl. You should dial your seriousness down a bit to be able to talk to a lady. Also remember to smile as you approach her to initiate the conversation. Smiling puts you at ease. If possible, you can also try to make eye contact with her from across the room before initiating the conversation.

The act of talking to a girl is really simple, as you must have gotten from this article. Tidy up your end and begin having those conversations you have always wanted.