I thought he was the one..

It’s quite rare to meet someone who you connect with on the soulmate level. They become a major part of who you are, you make plans around their schedules and basically share experiences with them. You get so comfortable and in love with them that you totally forget the idea that what you have could end. Then it ends, and you’re completely clueless. “I thought he was the one” you begin to think and say to yourself. You’re blindsided and do not even know how to summon the strength to pick yourself up.

When you breakup with the one who you thought was your soulmate, it is one of the worst feelings there is, and it is important to know the next steps to take as hard as that will be for you. We are sending pointers your way to help guide you through this period. As much as no one wants to lose their “soulmate”, these things happen, and it is important to be able to find find yourself and love again.

Fight those negative thoughts

It’s a given. Those thoughts will come, no matter how hard you try to fight them. The thoughts will be filled of all sorts of negativity. The thoughts will remind you of how a portion of your life has been invested into a completely fruitless journey. If it was a nasty breakup, you will begin to wonder why you weren’t good enough.

When these thoughts come, find a way to counter them with as much positivity as you can gather. Focus on all the adventures you had with the person and how much of a better person you became in that period. You should also focus on the fact that you loved them sincerely.

Tell trusted friends and family about it

There’s the temptation to want to wallow in the sadness alone and drown yourself in those negative thoughts. Overcoming this temptation is an important part of dealing with the breakup with the one you thought was the one.

Your friends and family will try to cheer you up and keep those thoughts away. If you can’t be living on your own during this period, you can move in with friends and family for the immediate period after the breakup.

Channel the energy into self-develooment

During the time immediately after the breakup, you will most probably be going through a lot of emotions and will be tempted to invest your energy wrongly. One way to get yourself from dwelling on the rollercoaster of emotions is to invest your energy and emotion on self-development in the different aspects of your life. Been procrastinating starting that course at work? This is a great time to go on with the course. The extra activity will keep your mind occupied.

Consciously remove reminders of him

Seeing that you thought he was the one, there is the probability that reminders of him will be everywhere. It is important to consciously remove those reminders from your life. If he still had personal items over at your house, you can throw them out or send them to him. Wherever you feel will make you forget about him fast enough, do that as quickly as possible to hasten your healing process.

This is definitely going to be a very tough period for you, and you have to be overly strategic with your actions.

I thought she was the one..

Another relationship just ended and you’re wondering how come she wasn’t the one. You were so sure she was the one, but the turn of events has proven otherwise. Now, you’re wondering how you will be able to tell the one. You may even be wondering if there’s actually someone out there can is meant to be “the one”, at least in your case.

Finding that person that connects with you on a level you can’t achieve with anyone else is amazing, one of the most amazing feelings in the world actually. It is thus important to know how to tell that she’s the one. You definitely do not want to miss out on finding the one. We have put together five ultimate signs of telling that she’s the one.

You can’t get enough of her

You’ve probably been in relationships where, although you love her, sometimes you just want some time away from her. That doesn’t happen with “the one”. You can’t get enough of her and cannot point out a specific reason for that. You talk to her about everything; she’s involved in every part of your life, and you still can’t get enough of her. When you find such a person, chances are that she’s the one. There are very few people you will ever connect with on such a level in the world, and when you happen to date such a person, she’s most likely the one.

You trust her completely

Before her, you probably thought trust needed to be earned and didn’t trust people enough. Now she’s in your life, and you tell her everything. You’re crossing the boundaries you created without even knowing it, and you’re loving the process. That level of bond with anyone is rare, especially as it is becoming increasingly difficult to trust people. If you’re crossing those trust boundaries without even realizing it with her, then she’s the one.

You can’t wait to introduce her to your family

Introducing anyone, even platonic friends, to family can be quite nerve racking. Family is such an important part of one’s life that it is hard to introduce just anyone to family. If you’re at a point where introducing her to family doesn’t seem that much of an issue, then you are most likely into her in a way that is deep. So, if you’ve introduced her to your family, especially if your family means the world to you, or are planning to do so soon, she’s probably the one.

You are planning a future with her

While you’re loving every moment of the present, you’re planning, whether mentally or otherwise, the future with her. You love her now, and you can see yourself loving her for much more time. If you’re in such in a situation, she’s most likely the one.

You’re completely comfortable around her

Everyone has a bit of quirkiness that they keep locked in the deepest chambers. Thus, they do not open up completely to a lot of people, even when they are dating. When you’re in a relationship where you’re completely yourself, then she’s most likely the one, and you wouldn’t want to lose such a relationship.

It’s important to seek out a relationship with someone you can’t get enough of, the one. When a lot or all of the signs highlighted above check out, she’s most likely the one.