Not spending enough time together in relationship

It’s natural to want to spend a lot of time with someone you are in a relationship with. Even with this strong natural craving to want to spend time with one’s partner, research has quite a number of relationships suffer from both parties not spending enough time together.

There are only 24 hours in a day with a lot to fit into that time. In between work, hobbies, family, business and personal development activities, it is understandable that persons find little time to spend with their relationship partners.

Research has also shown that the damage caused by not spending enough time with one’s partner starts slowly and could eventually lead to breakups. In the pursuit of career, personal development and other endeavours, persons tend to lose the bond they initially had with their relationship partner. It is thus not uncommon for relationship partners and even spouses who live under the same roof to not spend enough time as a couple.

We will be noting some of the reasons why some relationships lack the spice that comes with spending a lot of time together as a couple.

Lack of an established schedule

Persons in relationships and even married couples tend to assume that spending alone time with each other doesn’t need planning. This is one thought pattern that has lead to relationships that spend very little time together.

Just like one would plan career moves and other important activities, they need to plan spending time with their romantic relationship partner. There are always activities to eat up one’s time and stop them from spending time with the person they love.

The creation of a schedule to hang out with one’s boyfriend, girlfriend, fiance and spouse may seem very unspontaneous and boring but has been proven to be effective. Activities from date nights to seeing a movie at home can be planned to ensure that there is enough time for bonding. A bit of spontaneity will also be a nice blend.

Communication gaps

A lot of persons in relationships today will love to spend more time with their relationship partners but they rarely bring up the topic. They only make do with the whatever proportion of time is left after other activities.

It is important to be able to talk about the fact that you will love to spend more time with your relationship partner. They may have been waiting to hear you say that. Even if they were oblivious of the fact that the relationship could use more time together, the conversation may just be stirred in the right direction.

Lack of expectations

Things such as spending time with that special person do not just happen. They happen as a result of expectations that are established based on the structure of the relationship. This is not a call to bother one’s partner and unnecessarily nag them about spending time together, it is a call to looking forward to those private moments. When they get too busy, a simple “can’t wait for you to get home” text could make that private moment more special.

The importance of spending time with one’s partner for the success of a relationship cannot be overemphasized. Begin to strive towards spending more time with your partner, and you will find out that there’s time after all.

How much time should couples spend together?

Relationships require both parties to invest resources which include time. Since there is no universal rule on how much time couples should spend together, one may wonder what the healthy amount of time they should spend with their partner is. We are not here to establish any form of rules. Instead, we will be dishing out ways to evaluate how much time you spend together. We will also be sharing ways you can spend more time together, if you feel the time you do not spend enough time together with your relationship partner. Lastly, we will be sharing pointers to how to get some space if you feel that spending time with your boyfriend or girlfriend is all you do.

Do you spend too much time together?

Relationship experts have noted that when people get into relationships, especially at the initial stage, they tend to spend a lot of time together planning their days and activities together. A lot of the times, the initial phase of spending a lot of time together phases out, and if a proper transition is not made, the couple may lose that initial bond.

So, it is important to evaluate the time one spends with their relationship partner. Here are some evaluation tips to tell if you’re spending too much with your relationship partner and are at the risk of losing the bond you have presently when you get to spend less time together

Do you still hang out with your friends and do your own things?

If the answer to this question is no especially since you got into your present relationship, you are probably spending too much time with your boyfriend or girlfriend. The ability to still spend a healthy amount of time together, depending on your schedule, with your friends shows that you aren’t spending much more time being a couple than being a person.

One’s ability to enjoy their hobbies and still keep their ideologies without being overly influenced by their relationship partner is another sign that they are spending too much time as a couple.

Do you spend little to no time together?

No matter how in love two people are, they must still spend time together as a couple to strengthen their bond. You will be able to tell if you’re spending little to no private time with them if you can’t remember a handful personal or intimate moments you have had as a couple. These moments mustn’t be glamorous, as long as they are intimate and private.

Spending a healthy amount of time together as a couple

If you feel like you’re spending too much time as a couple than as a person, you should begin to strategically incorporate doing things outside your relationship like enjoying your hobby and hanging out with friends. You should, however, talk to your relationship partner so that these changes do not sabotage your relationship.

If you realized that you do not spend enough time with your relationship partner, it is high time you made amends. Start by finding out ways you can spend more time together. You could start with just spending more time listening to them talk about their days.

The trick to spending enough time with one’s relationship partner is easy: establish a system, based on your schedule, that gives you a healthy amount of time to be a couple and also a person.