Stages of Falling in Love for a woman

People say that women fall in love faster than men and they actually believe in love at first sight. It might be true but it does not make it any easier and love for women does not happen in just a blink of an eye. Just like with men, they have stages too but the stages are less complicated. These stages are very confusing even for some women because they feel a lot of new and different emotions when they start to fall in love, majority of women take it very seriously because even in the early phase of a relationship they want to think that it is their last so they make sure that the one they choose is the one that they want to spend their life with.

Here are the stages on how women fall in love:

  1. Attraction – It always starts with the looks. Just like men, women fall for the physical appearance first too. Like when someone added them on any social media sites, they will check the picture first then they decide if they will entertain him or not. This stage might be judgmental but it is how the way things are.

  2. Friendship – Lot of women believe that a strong and good relationship starts with friendship that is why this stage is essential for them. If they do not know each other yet then this is the best time when they start to make a good foundation and that is, through friendship.

  3. Compatibility – Once they established a good friendship, women starts the process of determining if they are compatible or not, may it be over food, hobbies, sports, or any other things. This is essential for a woman because they believe that bonding moment is very important for a relationship to last.

  4. Dating stage – If you get to this stage that means that you were given a chance to introduce yourself more. This is when woman starts to feel the love so make sure to impress her during this stage, which is not that difficult. Just make her happy all throughout your date and everything should fall in place.

  5. Together – This is the stage where the woman wants to spend more time with him and do almost everything together. This is a woman’s way to make sure that she will not get bored when she is with you and would not ran out of things to do. This means that she is really starting to fall in love but still want to make sure that the relationship stays interesting and always exciting.

  6. I love you – Once she established a good friendship, get to know you better, and ensure that both of you are compatible. She is now ready to tell you that she loves you and pledge her unconditional love to start a new relationship.

Those are the stages of how women fall in love. It might be different for some but still has the same goal, to find the love of her life.

How Men Fall in Love: Stages

Dating stage is definitely the most exciting part of a relationship. This is when you feel extreme emotions of nervousness, excitement, and happiness. It is the stage where you get to know each other better, find the things or hobbies that you are compatible with, and determine if he or she is the one that you want to be with. However, this stage is different from a women’s perspective to men. Majority of women believes in love at first sight but for men, love might take a little while but if they do, they truly fall in love.

Here are the stages of how men fall in love that helps you understand how men work it out:

  1. Physical Appearance – As we all know, men tend to get attracted first on a woman’s physical look. This does not mean that a woman needs to be conventionally beautiful to get their attention because every man’s definition of beautiful is different like some prefer those with curly hair, tall, chubby, and many more. Whatever they desire, they look for it first but in some situations, men do not know exactly what they are looking for and they just get attracted on what they see.

  2. Crush – As soon as they are physically attracted with the woman they see beautiful, he now have a crush on her. During this stage, men tend to do whatever it takes to get their crushes’ attention. This stage might determine if he would pursue his crush or not. Men do not fall in love yet in this stage. They just go with the flow and do whatever it is that makes them occupied and happy.

  3. Show off – This is perhaps the most exciting stage for men. They might not feel any love yet but this stage is where men do unique, romantic, and sometimes, extravagant things just to make a woman like him. Men feel good if they have impressed their crush and make her happy with their effort.

  4. Assurance – This stage is important for men before they allow themselves to fall in love. He needs to be sure that the woman is completely in love with him in this stage. Once he gets that assurance, he will now start to think about the pros and cons if he will enter a relationship with her. This might be selfish but men have this characteristic that they do not want to be rejected after they have confessed they love so they want to be sure first.

  5. Now he is ready – Once he is sure that she totally loves him and was able to determine that the pros weigh heavier than the cons of getting into a relationship. Now he is ready to give all the love that she deserves.

These stages are way different from how women fall in love and lot of people might find them more complicated but what can we do? This is how it works for them and it would be even better if you make men work hard to earn your love too.